Affordable Fall Decor Ideas + Home Tour

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Decorating for a holiday doesn’t have to cost a million bucks! Check out these affordable fall decor ideas and inspiration

It’s September. On the calendar at least. Outside it’s still swimming pool weather. So, there’s that. No wonder my neighbors looked at me crazy when I started setting out pumpkins. YOLO, whatever.

The real goal of this is for me to show you some of my tips for affordable fall decor and how I do this without spending tons.

And also I need a reason to show you my favorite towel I’ve ever had. Hopefully if you’re new here, this will give you an idea of what to expect from me/this blog/my life.

Affordable Fall Home Decor Ideas

I decided I’m going to take you on a little quick tour first and then let you see my tips at the end, k? K!

fall front porch decor

A couple mums and pumps and I called our front porch done. I’m really all about simplicity since we are literally ALWAYS in the middle of a construction project. Hammers and neon green impact drivers don’t really scream fall decor, but I mean, to each his own.

Inside, again – simple, easy, neutral. We are thinking of doing a refresh of this room sometime next year, but we’ve got a couple of logistical things to work out first.

For mantle decor I didn’t even change out my sign I have up there. Nor did I even move that lantern. I just took the candle that was already in it and put some pumpkins in it that I’ll talk about more later.

Chair, basket, lantern? Always right here in this corner spot. I added a strategically placed pair of my own shoes because I’m not real sure why but everyone else does that and I just wanna be like the cool girls. I also added a throw blanket because we have 1.8 million blankets in this house because I love them.

affordable fall decor ideas

Moving on to our kitchen area, we have my favorite console table ever from World Market. I used some garlands I already had and … what’s that? Yep. A bag of apples.

affordable fall decor ideas

I’ve been seeing this trend a lot this year which really isn’t anything new, but it’s cheap and genius in my little opinion. Using food as decor kills two birds with one stone because you can decorate it and then eat it. Or in the case of apples, eat them my favorite way ….

fall apple pie

IN A PIE!!!! No. No, it’s not keto even a little bit, but fall only comes once a year. Or something.

Speaking of apples, HOW YOU LIKE DEM APPLES?! I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. But seriously, yes. I used apples again on the table. I’m not fancy and don’t want the people that come to my house to be expecting anything fancy. And by fancy, there’s not glasses on the table because you’ll be drinking out of Solo cups. More like YOLO cups, amirite?!

Again, if you’re new here, buckle up.

Okay, so now let’s get into the real reason you’re here. My tips on affordable fall decor!

*Some affiliate links may be used which means literally nothing different for you, just a way for me to share budget friendly things I love!

Use what you already have

I talked about this a little before with my living room and this chair. For affordable fall decor ideas, shop your house first! Wanna know an even bigger secret? That is actually a toy basket. AND I DIDN’T EVEN TAKE THE TOYS OUT OF IT. I just laid this blanket on top of it. Voila. Instant decor.

Magnolia wreath

I think the arch we have above our couch was one of the best pieces of decor we currently have because we just change out the wreath on it and it can instantly change the feel of this room! Our exact one isn’t sold anymore, but this one is from the same place we got ours and is very similar!

Shop after the season has ended

These little pumpkins were at Hobby Lobby last year around Christmastime (so like June in Hobby Lobby World …. jk. Kinda) and they were like 70%. I couldn’t have paid more than $3-$4 for the whole box. And the pillow?

pumpkin patch pillow

Something I found at TJ Maxx again that made its appearance last year in our fall decor because I couldn’t pass it up. I mean it says Smith Farms. It’s like we had it specially made for us. BUT WE DID NOT. Off the rack, people. This is when it pays to have a boring last name.

Shop items that are not “marketed” like fall decor, but could pass for it

Strolling the Target clearance end caps like every good girl should do allowed me to stumble on to these guys. Originally $12.99 and I got them for $3! That’s math I don’t mind doing.

“DSDS” (Don’t Skip Dollar Stores)

Those lil’ pumps? Came from Target dollar spot last year! Woo!

To be fair, the vase was NOT from the dollar store. Now the little velvet pumpkins, got the whole pack at Hobby Lobby of 12 for like $6. So, okay technically not the dollar store but again, WAY LESS than $1.

affordable fall decor with apples

Would you believe me if I told you that the gold chargers AND these plates were from the Dollar Tree?! Well, you should because they are!


Hello! It’s cheap and YOU CAN EAT IT WHEN YOU DONE WITCHA PHOTOS! Again, math I don’t mind doing.

Oh, and just in case you’re interested, click below to shop sources or similar items from our tour. Except apples cuz like, just go to a grocery store.

Affordable fall home decor | Decorating for a season doesn't mean you have to run out and buy out the stores! Let me show you how you can have affordable, minimal, and neutral decor #neutralfalldecor #falldecor #fallaesthetic

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