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The Best Flocked Christmas Trees

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Believe it or note, the yuletide season is upon us and I’m here to share with you the best places to get great quality flocked Christmas Trees, even on a budget!

Well, here we are.

We made it to the Christmas season.

Technically, it’s not even Thanksgiving, but it’s 2020 so anything goes. Which means it’s Christmas time.

In case you weren’t around last year, I decided that for the sake of mental health and the hellacious year we had that I wasn’t going to decorate for Christmas.

And I still have no regrets.

2 years ago, though, I went all out. LIKE ALLLLL OUTTTTT. Including decorating our back porch which I ended up really loving.

It’s a tradition to get a real tree every year (which we even did last year when I didn’t decorate), but 2 years ago I finally invested in a flocked Christmas tree.

It was messy, but honestly, I ended up loving it!

So much so that I decided that I wanted to look for another flocked tree to put in our guest room and/or playroom.

The good thing about an artificial Christmas tree is that they don’t die and get needles all over the place so you have less to clean up.

Since I was looking for my own pre lit flocked tree this year, I decided that I’d just round up for you the 8 best deals that I’ve found. The best news is that you can get all of these online and either shipped to you or pick them up curbside so you’re safe during the madness that is this year.

The 8 Best Flocked Christmas Trees

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8 White Flocked Christmas

To make things easy for you, you can just click on any of the images below to be taken right to the one you like! Whatever tickles your fancy.

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I’m really digging the pencil tree and think it would be a great addition to our guest room upstairs (once we clean out all the trim and madness that’s up there). I love that even though the flocking on the tree itself is “bright white” by adding the warm white lights, it doesn’t feel to cold or sterile.

Do you love the idea of a flocked tree or does the mess annoy you to death?
The best flocked Christmas trees

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