Scary House Tour 2020

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

If by some chance you happen to think our house looks like it does in pictures, today is your lucky day. I’ll show you what our house looks like 95% of the time in our annual scary house tour.

Well, 2020 has been….2020, am I right?


I mean it’s not an excuse for our house looking like it does day in and day out, but 2020 has still been a wild ride.

I did the first ever scary house tour last year and it actually ended up being my favorite post ever. Mainly because it took me all of 5 minutes to photograph my entire house because I wasn’t frantically throwing everything behind the view of my camera lens to try to make something look presentable.

So are you ready to have your pants scared off? Let’s RIDE!

Living Room

messy living room with laundry hanging on the rack

So, quite honestly from this view it’s not TERRIBLE. Shoes where they shouldn’t be, pillows where they shouldn’t be and laundry on a drying rack.

messy living room with clothes

Case in point of the angle in which you take a photograph makes everything. Because this is the exact same room, just from a different angle. LAND MINES EVERYWHERE.

water bottle sitting on window sill

Just a random water bottle sitting in the window sill because toddlers. If he finds a water bottle somewhere, he will absolutely take it and “hide” it.

exposed wall studs and laundry hanging up on drying rack

And if you think our lives are put together enough for us to at least finally put walls back up, you’d be sorely mistaken. Because there are no walls. Still.

And exposed electrical. Still.

Since we can kind of see the kitchen, let’s just mosey on in there.


world market entry table with 3 candlesticks and black bowl

My absolute favorite console table from World Market rarely looks like it did when I made that little spring wreath from a $1 hula hoop from Dollar Tree.

It looks more like this: Random cup and crap all around it.

restoration hardware knockoff table

I really, really do love this table even though from the looks of it I don’t. I try my BEST to keep this somewhat cleared off, but it looks like this a lot. I love the woven placemats we have, but toddlers. (You’ll probably see that sentence a lot here so get used to it).

messy kitchen with gray lower cabinets and white upper cabinets

I am wishing, hoping, praying, begging, and pleading that we will be getting a new kitchen before spring of next year. It’s going to be a HUGE undertaking, a full gut job, but I feel like it’s going to change the entire feel of our house.

There’s a lot of moving pieces for us to be able to do it, but I’m sincerely hoping that we can get it done before we bring a new baby home in June (lord willing).

Laundry Room

laundry room with dark floor and white backsplash

You’d think with a room this small it’d be kinda hard to junk it up, right?


You have no idea who you’re dealing with over here. If there’s a surface in this house, it will be filled with crap. And if you’re wondering, I HATE IT. It frustrates me to no end. I feel like I clean stuff off and it just gets moved to another surface.

Guest Bathroom

bath toys in white vessel sink

Somewhat comedically, our sink looked pretty similar to this last year. Minus a saxaphone. We don’t use this sink very often and so we put bath toys in here to drain and dry out to try to eliminate mold building up in them.

black and white bathroom with ruffle curtain open

This is also a lesson in why I recommend taking photographs with lights off in rooms. Lights cast weird shadows, they make weird glares and it’s just uneven and weird.

I’m thinking about doing a post soon about how to photograph a dark room because this room has no windows and neither does our master closet which was a pain in the rear to shoot.

If you want to see what this room looked like when we did our big reveal (including having no lights on and no bath toys draining in the sink) you can see that here.

Josiah’s Room

neutral boy nursery

Quite honestly, not a ton of time is spent in here because he’s not allowed in his own room if it’s not nap time or bed time because he just plays in his diaper drawer and pulls everything out.

So, all bedroom and bathroom doors remain closed during the day. I got sick of getting up every 5 seconds to drag him out.

white crib with wood sign over crib

Not much to see here either except off center crib because we constantly have to pull it out and in when he throws his pacifier behind here (????)

Charlotte’s Room

messy toddler girl's dresser

Charlotte’s room on the other hand stays pretty messy. She plays in here a lot and has quiet time in here on school days.

messy toddler girl bedroom with white ikea hemnes trundle bed

At some point once Josiah can be trusted (if that ever occurs) we will make this a shared room for both of them and put the new baby in Josiah’s room, but most likely we will just have a bassinet in our master until the baby is sleeping through the night.

Master Bedroom

unmade master bed with backpack on it

This is another room that doesn’t get showcased a ton on the blog. You can clearly see why.

What’s not pictured is 2 giant black bags of stuff ready to go to Goodwill from the master closet we just remade as well as 2 nightstands that are covered in nonesense cups, empty Wendy’s chili containers and more.

ikea hemnes white dresser with TV on it and door off hinges with shoes hanging

Speaking of master closet, you’re looking at that right.

Closet door not on, just laying up against the wall with my flippy floppies. Also a tub o’ tools that we used to finish said master closet.

Master Bathroom

teal vanity with white marble top and wood framed mirror

Quite honestly, until we finished our master closet, we didn’t even use this bathroom because our other shoes and clothes were stacked in the bathtub, hidden behind a shower curtain.

Don’t judge.

organized medicine and sharps container

Oh, and a glimpse of infertility. That stacking drawer thing holds my shots I take every night during our current pregnancy and I mark off every night which side I did so I know which side will be next.

Also a sweet lil’ note from Jordan thanking me for working so hard to try to keep this baby with us.

And then (some) of the pregnancy tests I took that line the mirror just as a reminder that even if this doesn’t end well, I really was pregnant and there really was a baby in there.


plastic tubs on the steps

What, you don’t have random tubs of clothes and papers and craft supplies that should be upstairs but you’re too lazy to do it, so you say you’ll do it later and then walk by it every time you go upstairs?

Well, aren’t you somethin’ special and fancy?

Yeah. Another project that was on the list of things we wanted to do to the house in 2020 that didn’t get done. Oops. I want to wait until we finish the kitchen quite honestly before we do the stairs since it will be a part of the kitchen technically.

“My” Office

home office with navy desk and mismatched chairs

While this office was technically created as a workspace for me, you can clearly see it’s been overrun by a chair that doesn’t belong there (because Jordan is afraid he’ll turn our awesome hacked Ikea chairs into a pile of plastic), a shopping cart, and kid art supplies.

Because toddlers.


messy playroom with kids toys

Ah, the playroom. Ugh. I have such high hopes for this room, but I also get so overwhelmed because of the shape of this room of how best to lay it out.

So for now, it’s just this.

playroom with trampoline

This is our home gym. LOLZ.

messy playroom with bookshelf

5 gallon paint bucket with trim paint because why not?

Guest Suite/Second Master Suite

hall closet with wood vanity inside

This is the hallway off of our office leading into the second master suite.

This is also life of people who have plans but no time. That would be a vanity we found on MEGA sale that we are going to use in the bathroom up here as well as a couple mirrors we plan to use either here or on another project.

This is what happens when you don’t have a garage or any other storage other than in your own house.

green and red plaid wallpaper in bathroom
white vanity with white, green and red wallpaper

Aaaaand the bathroom we still haven’t touched.

With a fake Christmas tree in a pot … that has been up since last Christmas. Yikes. Shows how often we are even up here.

black iron bed with light wood floors

Random remotes on the floor. Halfway done up guest bed. Trim that should be attached to walls and windows STILL on the floor.

After 3 and a half years.

And yes, we have had several long term house guests that have lived in these conditions. I am sorry, guys. I promise we want to be better.

electric piano and window seat

Stain colors in a box, crap stacked all on the window seat, and a piano complete with music written by our 5 year old.

scribbled drawing on piano stand


Scared yet? Or do you feel better about yourself because at least your house doesn’t look like this?

Either way, you’re welcome. Happy Halloweeeeeeen! Boo and whatnot.

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  1. I love you Carmen for having the courage to show the world how we all really live. It is obvious your home is filled with love and laughter, and that is all that matters! God bless you and your beautiful family.

  2. Thanks for helping me know that I am not alone! We live with 4 indoor only cats and two indoor/outdoor cats, so there’s lots of cat hair and cat litter all over the place. I love your flora in Charlotte’s room and your office. Are they real wood? Do you know the brand? We are trying to transition away from carpet and linoleum. I really want real wood, but the hubs thinks it is impractical with the cats.

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