13 Clever Ways To Add Privacy to Your Apartment Patio

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Jordan (ya know, the guy I married who flips all the houses we do and is also a realtor) is helping my really good friend move from her apartment into her first house and it’s been so exciting to walk alongside her.

The best part about apartments? If something breaks it’s not on you to fix it.

The worst part about apartments? The limited space when it comes to places to get some fresh air.

While we have enjoyed the perks of her living in an apartment (read: the pool), she’s got some nosy neighbors and so we’ve been trying to find creative ways to help give her apartment balcony some privacy without making it seem like a giant middle finger to her surrounding neighbors lolz.

Here are 12 clever and cost-effective ways to add privacy to your patio, turning it into your private oasis.

Sheer Curtains

sheer white curtains on an apartment balcony

Sometimes you want to enjoy that cup of coffee without your neighbor’s prying eyes. That’s where sheer curtains come in handy! Not only do they add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, but they also provide just enough privacy without completely blocking out the sunlight.

Tall Plants

tall plant on an apartment balcony patio with tall buildings in the background

Create a living wall of privacy with tall, low-maintenance plants like bamboo or tall grasses. They not only block prying eyes but also add a touch of nature to your outdoor space.

Horizontal Slat Wall

apartment patio with conversation set and horizontal slat wall

A DIY slatted wood screen can offer privacy and a modern aesthetic. Construct your own with inexpensive lumber or even pallet wood and a weekend’s worth of work for a custom look that won’t break the bank.

Faux Greenery Wall

faux greenery wall divider on apartment patio

Calling all black thumbs! For those who want the look of lush foliage but can’t keep a lil plant alive to save your life like ya girl, a faux greenery privacy wall is perfect. Artificial plants need no watering, and you can install them for a one-time price.


apartment patio with awning

If you’re on the ground floor apartment, you might need a little privacy above your head. An awning is a great choice for this. If you’re looking for a DIY option, you could use materials like canvas and PVC pipes can be transformed into a stylish and functional cover for your patio, keeping you out of sight and out of direct sunlight.

Hanging Ivy

apartment patio with hanging ivy and 2 chairs

A hanging plant like ivy, whether artificial for ease or real for natural beauty, creates a gorgeous curtain of privacy.

Planter Boxes

large apartment balcony with large french doors and planter boxes around the edges of the patio

Okay, okay so if you are or want to at least try to be a green thumb, planter boxes may be for you. They can act as dividers and grow any type of potted plants from flowers to tall bushes. This not only adds privacy but also makes your space look awesome with some vibrant plants.

Patio Furniture

outdoor sofa and coffee table on apartment patio

Strategically placing tall or bulky patio furniture can block views from neighboring balconies. Check out second-hand or upcycled stuff to save some cash while putting together your own cozy outdoor spot.

Mesh Screen + Fairy Lights

apartment patio at dusk with mesh divider with fairy lights hanging on it

Make something both useful and pretty by putting up a mesh screen with fairy lights. This is a great project for DIY fans who want to add a bit of privacy and some magical vibes to their outdoor space. Add yourself a little bistro set and you’ve got an easy way to set up a little patio privacy to spend some quality time with a good book!

Multiple Window Boxes

apartment balcony at night with window boxes hanging vertically for privacy

Window boxes aren’t just for windows. Attach them to balcony railings for an affordable way to introduce both privacy and greenery. Plus, you can easily move them if you rearrange your space.

Wall Mural

apartment patio with wall mural painted on it

Consider adding a personal touch with a DIY wall mural. Admittedly, this would only work in an apartment with walls dividing your outdoor balcony or patio, but it’s still so fun! This can act as a privacy screen and a piece of art, showcasing your style while keeping your space secluded.

Veggie or Herb Garden

small tomatoes growing i pots on apartment patio at sunset

A small vegetable or herb garden in raised beds or containers can be a practical and green way to shield your patio. This approach brings the dual benefits of privacy and home-grown produce. Even if you’re in a super small apartment with a small patio, you can fit in a really great herb garden to add privacy to your patio (and some yummy flavor to your meals!)

Bamboo Screen

bamboo curtain on apartment patio for privacy

Bamboo screens are a popular and economical choice for adding privacy to outdoor spaces. They’re easy to install, customizable, and add an exotic touch to your patio.

Implementing these ideas can make your small space pack a big punch. With a bit of creativity and DIY spirit, you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, without compromising on privacy or breaking the bank.

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