French Farmhouse: A Timeless Design Style

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Back in the day, farmhouse was not only all the rage, but what I imagined my future house designed to be.

Now I lean way more transitional or modern design style, but I still have a love for design and appreciate what farmhouse brings to the table. 

Shhhh – don’t tell anyone but I’m actually loving grandmillennial style as of late and I fear I’m getting old.

But I feel like French farmhouse (at least the Americanized version) has the feel of farmhouse with a bit more elegant vintage pieces.

french farmhouse style kitchen with cream walls, cream cabinets with large picture window

The design aesthetic brings rustic charm and understated elegance into your own home. It creates a space that feels both lived-in and inviting, which has a huge appeal to me, especially as we’ve completed our family with Judah’s birth.

Key Elements of French Farmhouse Style

french farmhouse style living room with cream walls, cream sofa and cream bedding

At its heart, the French farmhouse aesthetic is about creating a space that feels warm, welcoming, and genuinely lived in.

The architectural details in this design feature some really rustic elements, like exposed wooden beams, stone or brick walls, and wide plank floors.

french farmhouse style living room with cream walls, cream sofa and cream bedding and wood beams on the ceiling

These natural materials add texture and depth to the space without being too overwhelming.

Color Schemes

french farmhouse style bedroom with cream walls and cream bedding with rustic wood beams on the ceiling

Think soft, muted tones inspired by nature.

Creamy whites, soft grays, and earthy neutrals form the perfect backdrop, accented with touches of soft lavender, sage green, or powder blue.

french farmhouse style kitchen with cream walls, wood cabinets and woven barstools with large arched window

These palettes create a calming, cohesive base that allows for more rustic elements to shine. Plenty of natural light helps to further brighten up the space and give it an airy, open feel.

Furniture and Decor

Furniture in the French farmhouse style are often intage or heirloom pieces, many pieces made from solid wood.

french farmhouse style kitchen with cream walls, wood cabinets and woven barstools with large arched window

Think distressed wood tables (like our DIY RH knockoff table we built!), upholstered linen chairs, and vintage metalwork. Farmhouse decor elements such as wire baskets, enamelware, and terracotta pots add layers of texture and personality to spaces.

Incorporating the French Farmhouse Style

The fabulous part of French farmhouse design lies in its versatility and ease of incorporation into various parts of the home. Here are a few practical tips:

Living Spaces 

Start with a neutral color palette and add comfortable, slipcovered sofas accented with plush throws and pillows for a cozy feel. Rustic wood coffee tables and iron or glass light fixtures can add character. Y’all know I love a good dramatic chandelier because a little drama never hurt nobody, amirite?


 Hang copper pots, use open shelving to display white porcelain dishware, and opt for a farmhouse sink to blend functionality with style. A vintage kitchen table can serve as both a prep area and a gathering space.


Keep the bedding simple and luxurious—white linens works beautifully. Try a vintage wrought iron bed frame or a distressed wood headboard to anchor the space, and include soft lighting for a soothing ambiance.

More Gorgeous French Farmhouse Inspiration

French farmhouse style invites us to slow down, appreciate the beauty of the handmade, the age of materials, and the stories that our homes tell.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your entire home or simply incorporate elements of this charming aesthetic, the French farmhouse style offers endless possibilities to create spaces that are both stunning and show off your family’s personality.

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