Simple Fall Fireplace Decor

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Simple fall fireplace decor, including a DIY garland and a fun touch on a kid’s play kitchen.

A tale of fall in the south: One day it was 85 degrees. Literally the very next day, it was a high of 65. The end.

Should I make that into an illustrated children’s book or?

Easy fall mantle decor #DIY #budget #falldecor #fireplacedecor #grosstograndiose

However it happens, fall is here and now I don’t feel so silly having my fall decor out. I try to keep things pretty minimal around here mostly because our house is a war zone construction site so I don’t want to add too much and make it look cluttered. This year, I went real simple and just decorated our fireplace. I actually did this super cheap too.

Easy fall mantle decor #DIY #budget #falldecor #fireplacedecor #grosstograndiose

Starting with the pumpkins on the mantle. $1 at the Dollar Spot at Target! I love them!The little sprig and the crate that they’re in are both from Hobby Lobby. The crate says Give Thanks on it, which I think is super cute, but I just turned it on its side so that I can display these little suede lovelies.

Easy fall mantle decor #DIY #budget #falldecor #fireplacedecor #grosstograndiose

Next up is the choice of garland.I got the burlap leaves from Hobby Lobby and the twine was from the Dollar Spot again. Target for the win seriously.

Easy fall mantle decor #DIY #budget #falldecor #fireplacedecor #grosstograndiose

I let my daughter help me paint the most of the leaves with craft paint in 3 colors and the other we left just plain burlap. She had a blast doing this and since I had some left over, I incorporated them into her sweet little play kitchen that lives in our living room because … well, we live in this house and I want her to feel this is somewhere she can be free to play in the living room too.

Easy fall mantle decor #DIY #budget #falldecor #fireplacedecor #grosstograndiose

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Spy something familiar? Those pumpkins. I bought just about every one they had. The “Thankful” wire and marble sign is from Home Goods. So is that bucket on the fireplace.

Another favorite decor piece for me this year was this pillow!You guys, it’s moments like this where I am so grateful to have a seemingly boring last name. Because this looks like we had someone make this especially for us and the reality is I picked it up off the shelf at Home Goods! The vase is also from Home Goods and the little pumpkin sprigs in it are from … Shocker. Target.

Are we seeing a pattern here? Do you think this post is sponsored by either Home Goods or Target? It ain’t, btw.

Easy fall mantle decor #DIY #budget #falldecor #fireplacedecor #grosstograndiose

Behind that pillow is a little bucket I found at Hobby Lobby with newspaper to help get our fire going and as I was adjusting them I found one that just happened to be accidentally perfect for fall decor.I may go back and add a few more details a little later, but for now, I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible so we keep the minimal theme going. It can be cozy without being cramped. You should tweet that.

Anyway, that’s all I got for ya today! Pretty short and sweet. Just wanting to share our simple fall fireplace decor in hopes to get your little minimal wheels turning for yourself. You might even want to check out some budget friendly fall pillow covers that I’m loving too!. You’ve still got time!

Simple fall mantle decor and how to decorate a kid's play kitchen #playkitchen #falldecor #livingletterhome

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