20 Masculine Home Office Ideas for Him

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navy ikea alex drawers desk with wallpaper

We remodeled my feminine home office back before all the cool kids were working from home.

Now, in the age of remote work, having a home office that’s not only functional but also reflective of your personal style is crucial. Poor Jordan, ha! He has to work on the left side of this office still to this day when he works from home.

For dudes or anyone who appreciates a more traditionally masculine aesthetic, here are 20 masculine home office ideas that perfectly blend style and practicality, creating a space that inspires.

And while I love these, it’s not very likely we will be changing our office anytime soon, but a man can dream, amirite?

Elements of a Masculine Office

A masculine home office mixes up cool design bits like colors, materials, layout, and lighting. The aim? To make a space that feels empowering and comfy, so you can really zero in and do your best work.

Office Ideas for Him

Mid Century Modern Vibes

green sliding barn door in office with gray office chair and black desk

This is from our most recent flip house we finished (the one that caught on fire!) and I love the office space we set up here. It was large enough to put a desk in the middle of the room if we wanted, and the natural room was top notch.

Speaking from experience, that natural light is crucial to keep yourself awake and alert, especially working from home on those dreaded Zoom calls.

Dark Color Scheme

home office with dark painted walls and a leather desk chair at a wood desk

Opt for dark, rich colors like navy, charcoal, or black for a bold and grounding effect.

Faux Animal Skin Rug

leather tufted armchair in a masculine office with dark walls and a horse painting on the wall

Add texture and a touch of the rugged outdoors with a high-quality faux animal skin rug. We used to have one very similar to this one that Jordan got as a bachelor and I hated it at first, but actually loved it once we moved into this house!

Modern Elegance

black storage cabinet with small desk and chair in front of it in a home office

Combine sleek, modern furniture with minimalist decor for a clean and sophisticated look. It’s a look that never fails.

Desk Under a Window

dark built in cabinets with desk under window

Position your desk under a window to maximize natural light and enjoy the view, hopefully upping your mood and energy levels. There’s something about that 3pm slump that hits SO much harder when you’re working from hom.

Industrial Desk

home office built ins with industrial style desk in the middle of the room

Choose a desk with industrial elements such as raw wood and metal for a sturdy and rugged aesthetic. This style of desk or other furniture pairs well with light wood floors and can work in any lighting situation.

Mix of Old and New Furniture

black walls and vintage desk and chair in a masculine office

I have been having some heart tugs towards older styles as of late (Grandmillennial anyone?)

Try blending vintage and contemporary pieces to create a unique and personalized space.

Shades of Brown

Utilize various shades of brown, from light beige to deep espresso, to bring on the warmth and comfort.

Plus, it makes me think of the line from Anchorman – “It smells of rich mahogany” lolz

Use Natural Light

navy walls in office with 2 large windows and a chair with a throw on the back of it

Where possible, maximize the use of natural light to brighten the space and reduce eye strain.

Add a Large Wall Tapestry

large wall tapestry map over a wooden desk and a leather desk chair in a masculine office

Icorporate a large wall tapestry for texture and visual interest. This can get super fun because you can choose designs that reflect your interests, aspirations, or general life goals you have.

Rich Wood Tones

masculine home office with dark walls and dark wood desk and chair with a gallery wall of 4 frames above the desk

Incorporate furniture and accents in rich wood tones to add depth and natural beauty to your office. Again, I’m Ron Burgundy?

Wall of Built-Ins

Okay seriously with my love for reading and the fact that we did a lil’ fake bookshelves around our fireplace situation, you understand my love for this.

Having built-in shelving creates a custom look that also offers plenty of storage and display space.

Light and Bright

masculine office that is light and bright

Contrary to popular belief, masculine spaces can also be light and airy. Opt for lighter walls with darker accents for balance.

Shades of Deep Green

dark green office walls and medium wood tone desk

I’m starting to feel like I have more and more masculine energy the more I look at these spaces.

Incorporate dark green paint colors or even get that dark green through plants or accent pieces for a vibe that’s both regal and refreshing.

Rich Red Tones

walls painted dark red in masculine office with computer on desk and leather rounded desk chair

Dark red can be super masculine (and let’s face it – schmexy).

Use rich red tones in accents for a space that feels all of those things.

Good Lookin’ Gray

desk under window next to built ins in a masculine home office painted dark charcoal

Gray is both neutral and masculine; it provides a sophisticated backdrop for any home office. There are tons of grays to choose from, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Desk in an Alcove

desk in a small alcove in a home office with oil painting above desk

I surely can’t be the only one who immediately thinks of Uncle Joey living in the alcove at the Tanner’s house on Full House, right?

I digress.

But if space is limited, placing a desk in an alcove can optimize your area without compromising on style.

Traditional Meets Modern

wood accent walls painted olive green with white fabric arm chair at a desk in a home office

Mix traditional elements like vintage style rugs and fabric chairs with modern elements like good paint colors, updated window treatments and good art.

Simple Minimalist Furniture

dark walls in a masculine home office with a small wood desk and chair

Select furniture with clean lines and minimal design for a clutter-free and focused workspace. You really don’t need much in an office and from my experience (and from a husband who has hella ADHD) the more surfaces you have, the more likely they are to to be cluttered.

By incorporating elements that resonate with you, whether through color, material, or layout, you can create a space that not only meets your functional needs but also enhances your workday experience. If you gotta work from home, at least you can look cool doing it, right?

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