Kids Christmas Tablescape

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Don’t let the littles be left out! Here’s a fun and festive tablescape idea you can recreate in your own home!

closeup of Christmas kids table decor ideas


Kid-Friendly Christmas Table

Let’s be honest – kids don’t care if things are pretty.

But dang it because we got a new kitchen this year and now everything is open, I wanted to give it a whirl to decorate a kids dinner table all cute and fun and festive and so I’m sharing it with you if you want to recreate this idea at home!


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closeup of easy Christmas centerpiece

As much as I wanted to have a gorgeous tablescape that you see in magazines full of gorgeous candlesticks and pillar candles, that’s not the best idea with little hands, curious fingers and a huge lack of self control.

Christmas centerpiece with ornaments and LED candles from amazon

For a super easy Christmas table centerpiece that can work for kids (and adults!), opt for unbreakable ornaments corralled in a big bowl.

I got some larger size textured ornaments that I LOVE from Kirklands this season and filled it with some Christmas bowl filler.

Again keeping with the theme of “cute but let’s not burn lil’ fingees”, opt for LED candlesticks as opposed to real ones.

Then watch the magic of Christmas unfold as your kids fight over who gets to turn them on with the remote.

Place Settings

woman in pink sweater putting silver placemat on wood table with christmas tree behind her

Luckily our older 2 (ages 7 and 4) can *almost* be trusted with real plates, but if your kiddos aren’t old enough, you can adjust what you see with another type of plate.

I started with the silver tinsel chargers which could also be used to create an adult tablescape as well if you’re cool enough to do that!

For what it’s worth, we love melamine and these plaid ones are SO cute!

red plate with pink and red horse on wood table

As much as I’m afraid of color (hello all of our walls being Sherwin Williams Alabaster or a very neutral paint color), kids love color.

I was able to find these incredibly cute whimsical and colorful plates and knew they would be the perfect way to add color without being overbearing and annoying.

Christmas table decor from World Market with colorful Christmas tree plate and red larger plate

I also got 2 of these rainbow tree plates so I could have 2 of each because what’s Christmas without a little healthy competition about who gets to sit with what plate, ya know?

Christmas Tree Napkins

paper napkin folded like christmas tree on place setting with red plate

These precious ‘Fa La La’ napkins were the perfect amount of fun to add to the setting and if you’re wondering how to do this like I was, here is a step by step in photos because having to stop and pause a video every 3 seconds is obnoxious.

How to fold a napkin into a Christmas tree

fa la la la la cloth napkin

Start by folding your napkin long ways, or as I knew it in school, the hot dog fold.

woman's finger holding corner of fa la la la la cloth napkin

Take the bottom of your napkin and fold it so it meets at the top.

fa la la la la cloth napkin folded

Rotate your napkin and place it in a diamond shape where all the “individual” corners are at the top of your diamond.

Start by folding the first layer down. Continue to fold down each layer of your napkin so that they lay on top of one another.

woman's finger holding fa la la la la cloth napkin

Fold the right side of your napkin under and hold it.

cloth napkin folded into Christmas tree

Fold the left side of your napkin under so that the top is in a point. This will be the top of your napkin tree.

woman folding cloth napkin into Christmas tree

Tuck each point under as shown in the photo.

woman showing how to fold a cloth napkin into a christmas tree

Flip the bottom point under as well and voila!

paper napkin folded like christmas tree on place setting with red plate

It looks so cute on the plate! If you had a solid napkin, this would look even more like a tree, but I’m still stoked with how this turned out.

woman's hand holding gingerbread man on side of cup with hot cocoa

Christmas isn’t Christmas until you burn your tongue and the roof of your mouth on hot chocolate, am I right?

I found the CUTEST little gingerbread men that are designed to sit on the side of your cup at Trader Joe’s and they were the PERFECT addition.

I can’t tell you how I know this, but they are also DELICIOUS.

Let’s be honest – even if you’re creating a Christmas tablescape for kids, the reality is that it’s still going to be for you and the adults who bring said children to enjoy.


Christmas entryway table decor with large wooden nutcracker and smaller flocked Christmas trees

We are still working on the flow of our house and trying to see what feels right, but we recently added this narrow entryway table and since Charlotte is obsessed with nutcrackers, I found some that were neutral and not hideous that I added to our entryway.

large wooden nutcracker and black flocked tree and gold bottle brush tree
black and green flocked christmas trees on black entryway table

If you’re looking for modern nutcrackers too, click any one of the images below to shop!

(The navy flocked nutcracker is from Bed Bath and Beyond, but I couldn’t link the photo!)

I turned some small votives upside down to house my tee tiny flocked Christmas trees from the Target dollar spot.

closeup of Christmas kids table decor ideas

All things considered, I’m pretty happy with how this little Christmas kids’ table turned out and hopefully if you’re hosting a gaggle of kids that are your own or otherwise, you’ll be able to take some cues from this!


I know it may be tough to try to find everything this late in the game, but if you’re looking, I did my best to try to link everything or at least similar items for you!

Merry everything and whatnot!

christmas kids tablescape graphic

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