22 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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If you’re not into the whole carving thing with pumpkins, these creative pumpkin decorating ideas are for YOU! A little paint and some basic art supplies go a long way!


Cute Pumpkin Decorating Ideas That Are No Carve

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the season that nobody loves but that doesn’t exist where I live because I’m in the south.

fall blanket in basket and shoes sitting in front of neutral chair

There’s only one year I went all out and decorated for fall and I did it super cheap and actually liked the way it turned out!

While our front porch leaves much to be desired, the crisp air has me thinking about allll things fall which means – yes. Pumpkins.

But ya girl doesn’t do DIY too well when it comes to smaller crafts. Especially if carving tools are involved.

Sometimes I can nail it like our super simple DIY canvas artwork we just did in our playroom, but then there’s other disasters like my worst DIY crafting fail yet.

However, after finding some of these creative pumpkin decorating ideas online, I’m feeling a lil’ more confident but I thought I would share them with you and hopefully inspire you as well!

22 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

After looking at those, they’ve got me wanting to break out the hot glue gun and mod podge and get crackin’.

Or I may just be me and get some white pumpkins and call it good because when you mix white and orange pumpkins, you can call it art.


If you’re looking for some cute no carve pumpkin decorating ideas that will make the kids happy, you should read this post I found!

22 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas To Make This Fall Pinterest graphic

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