10 Fall Pillow Covers That Will Want To Make You Decorate Your Home

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Whether you’re in the market for a cover that makes a bold declaration of your pumpkin obsession or you’re searching for a more subtle autumnal design, we’ve hand-picked the perfect fit for you. Read on for our picks of the best fall pillow covers—all starting at under $5.


10 Fall Pillow Covers

I love fall, but I don’t want to overdo it with decorating. Mainly because we live in a construction zone 24/7 with a human 3 year old bulldozer and so adding anything “extra” or “new” makes curious minds and hands explore and it just very quickly becomes not worth it.

But I really do want to be festive and show off my autumnal spirit. Are you impressed I used a word like that?

A fall pillow cover is a great way to add a pop of color without going overboard on the decorations for fall. If you’re not sure which one will work for you, I’ve got some ideas that I’m loving!

10 Fall Pillow Covers

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set of 2 white and striped pillow cover with leather around the middle
set of 4 velvet fall pillow covers
orange rust fall pillow cover

It’s no secret that I’m scared of color. I mean, 90% of our house is painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Okay, not scared. Just very reluctant to add it into our house.

Neutral fall pillow covers are a great way to add in a fall warm and cozy feel without having it feel like too much.


Texture is a must to bring in the cozy vibes for fall decor. It adds interest to the space, especially when it’s combined with simple colors like browns and golds.

Many times textured and neutral go hand in hand. Pillow covers that are textured can add a warm feel to your fall decor and depending on the texture, they can lean more rustic, modern, traditional, or even boho.


Now this can mean printed with “It’s Fall Y’all” or pumpkin everything, but printed in my house ain’t gonna mean that. I live in the south but I don’t feel like I’m southern.

For me and my house, we will have prints consisting of florals or geometric patterns.

Fall is my favorite time of the year, but I’m not a fan of decorating. I know, I know. Shouldn’t have started a blog where I share my home all the time, right?

My toddler son has turned our house into his own personal construction zone, so adding anything extra or new just doesn’t seem worth it. But I do love being festive and snuggling and the best way to do that is a fall pillow cover.

A fall throw pillow cover is a great way to add some color without going overboard on decorations for this season. They can go in your living room, on your bed, or maybe even change them out on your newly renovated playroom.

Hopefully if one of these 10 accent pillow covers don’t work for you (or your budget) they will at least spark some creativity to find fall pillow covers of your own I hope!

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