Ideas for Thanksgiving Tree Decorations To Promote Gratitude

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Start a fun family tradition and get inspiration from these amazing Thanksgiving tree decorations that you can use to keep thankfulness at the forefront of the season


Fall (Thanksgiving) Christmas Tree Ideas

I think the past couple years of a global pandemic have made people realize that they can really do whatever they want when it comes to decor.

I mean I got Charlotte a pink Christmas tree last year for crying out loud. Something I thought I would never do.

CHristmas tree at the base of stairs with Thanksgiving tree decorations on it
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Not only that, but we left it up until Valentine’s Day and made it into a Valentine’s Day tree and I have no regrets.

I even caught myself looking at Halloween trees this year but never pulled the trigger.

Should Your Christmas Tree Go Up Before or After Thanksgiving?

I think we all know the answer to this.

It should go up whenever the heck you want it to go up.

rustic farmhouse Thanksgiving tree with faux pumpkins around it
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If you’re the kind that is ordering a PSL and pulling out your fall sweaters when it drops below 80, I think it’s clear you’re into the fall season. And I love that for you.

On the other hand, ya girl is not the best at decorating for Christmas, much less Thanksgiving. One year I didn’t decorate for Christmas at all, and I’m honestly very much considering not decorating again this year. The jury is still out.

If you’re worried about getting judged by friends or your family members about when you put your Christmas tree up, here’s an idea – how about your very own Thanksgiving tree?

What Is a Thanksgiving Tree?

glam thanksgiving tree decorations with dried orange garland in the background hanging on a window
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A Thanksgiving tree is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of pulling down your faux Christmas tree and immediately adorning it with Christmas ornaments and all the Christmas ribbon and trimmings, you change your decor to reflect the season. It’s something that you can have around the Thanksgiving holiday season to remind kids of all ages to have that attitude of gratitude.

Suppose you’re only doing a mini-tree for Thanksgiving (like maybe a tabletop Thanksgiving tree). In that case, this is not an issue – but if you have a full-sized tree, it can take some creativity to figure out what to do with it.

flocked Christmas tree with give thanks banner and pumpkins around the bottom
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I think this would be a great thing to add to your current Thanksgiving traditions and something that the whole family can get involved in!

What Are Some Common Thanksgiving Tree Decorations?

My scary house tour wouldn’t make you think this, but I’m a closet minimalist. Meaning if I had my way, I would live a minimalist lifestyle. But I married into a family that LOVES EVERYTHING TO THE MAX. So we just have more stuff.

rustic Thanksgiving decor on Christmas tree
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But suppose you’re also in the minimalist mindset. You could just do a “thankful tree” or a gratitude tree instead, typically made up of a small tree branch or even several smaller branches put together, and some paper cut into leaf shapes that you write things you’re thankful for.

Pumpkin Ornaments

You should consider pumpkins for your Thanksgiving tree decorations, much like you’d buy round ornaments for Christmas! There are so many options when choosing a pumpkin ornament – you could make them yourself or buy them pre-made.

Christmas tree at the base of steps with pumpkins around the bottom and Thanksgiving decorations on tree
via @sharee.designs

You could even put some real or faux pumpkins around the base of your tree to match the pumpkin ornaments you have as Thanksgiving tree decorations.

Leaf Garland

Using garland on a Christmas tree is a fantastic way to make your Christmas tree look bigger and fluffier. Nothing different here with your Thanksgiving tree.

closeup of Christmas tree with Thanksgiving tree decorations on it
via Jenron Designs

Use a leaf garland or make your own using dark green or fall-colored leaves. You can usually find these at any craft store or specialty store since many people like to use them in fall tablescapes or for some fall mantle decor.

Sticks, Stems, and Pine cones

A walk around in your yard can provide tons of Thanksgiving tree decorations because you can use them like you use picks for a Christmas tree. You can add in stems, bare branches, or sticks for some extra fall flair!

This is how you can make your Thanksgiving tree more full and more scrumptious. Can you call a tree scrumptious? I’m rolling with it.

Fall Leaf Ornaments

christmas tree in corner of living room with Thanksgiving tree decorations
via Home With Holliday

Fall leaf ornaments are incredible Thanksgiving tree decorations. Because leaves come in so many gorgeous fall colors in the season, choose a few of your favorites and pop them on the tree.

If you can’t get some leaves from outside anywhere, you could pick up a box of faux leaves and use those.

Faux Blooms

bright orange Christmas tree decorated for Thanksgiving in front of a white fireplace
via A Kailo Chic Life

Not just for your Thanksgiving table, having faux flowers on your fall tree would be a beautiful addition. You can use colorful leaves or choose some flowers that also have berries or other deep fall colors to pop on the tree for a festive, fun autumn tree.

Thanksgiving Tree Topper

Well, it ain’t Christmas without an angel or a star on the top of the tree, so if you’re looking to complete your Thanksgiving tree decorations, you’re going to have to have a tree topper of sorts.

You could choose to just use burlap ribbons or a fall-colored tulle bow on top of your tree, or you could decide to use something fun like a turkey or a faux pumpkin.

Christmas tree with thanksgiving tree decorations on it
via Savvy Saving Couple

If you put a fall wreath on your front door, you could also stick a little matching one on your Thanksgiving tree, and it will tie in all your fall decor.

I can’t even believe we’re out here talking about turkey day trees right now.

It seems like yesterday we were breaking all the resolutions we made the day before for New Year’s. Just me?

Cool, cool, cool.

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