My Worst DIY Fail Yet

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Sometimes it looks like everything goes smoothly around here, but today I wanted to share with you my biggest DIY fail I’ve personally had since this blog started

Instagram worthy. Picture perfect. By now, I hope you know those words are not anything close that describe my blog. Or my life. Never have and I have a feeling they never will. And I’m okay with that!

Might I remind you just a month or so ago I shared with you my “scary Halloween house tour” which was nothing more than what my house really looks like 90% of the time. Every time I look at this photo, I find something I didn’t see before.

Yes we have had some projects go well. Like our master bathroom and my office! This project was supposed to be actually something that added a little flair to this vanity right here.

Here Comes The Huge DIY Fail

I wanted to do something different than just adding paper or drawer liners in here like I did for my office drawers. On one of my nightly strolls on Pinterest, I found some ideas for an art technique called paint pouring.

Specifically this piece of DIY art caught my eye. I “met” Stephanie doing a collaboration with some other bloggers and when I saw this, I said I was absolutely going to find a way to do it. Then the idea hit that I could do this in my drawers! (That’s what she said)

This was the inside of the drawer to begin with. It has overspray on it because we used a paint sprayer to spray these drawers.

My first step was to tape off the sides and put some white paint on there. Because again, I read so many tutorials and followed alllllll the directions. Everything said that if you’re doing this on wood, there needs to be a white base coat. So, as a good rule follower, I did as I was told.

I picked out my paints, added the water to mix it to the consistency it was supposed to be (supposedly) and got them all set up. How exciting! No way this would be a DIY fail! I actually followed directions. Our paint pouring journey is about to begin.

According to said directions, pour on the color you want the most of first. I wanted mostly neutral so I chose this tan color and started my journey. The next step is to blow it using a hair dryer. Now, I didn’t read this anywhere, but in my mind I thought, “If I blow this with a hot hair dryer, it’s just going to dry.” So, I took it upon myself to just use the cold setting and blow dry. Cuz I’m a genius like that.

GUYS. MY GOD AT THE MASSACRE. This was after TONS of blowdrying trying to get it to move, to do something. It didn’t budge. I even used my finger and tried to spread it around.



I was in a sheer panic. I can’t leave it.

Okay, seriously. What do I do? What would YOU do? I’m thinking I’m just going to have to do a regular old boring drawer liner in here.

Send help. SOS.

Think everything you see on Pinterest will work? Come see this disaster of a DIY fail AND HELP! #DIYfail #pinterestfail

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  1. GIRL!!!!
    U crack me up! Pouring is easier if u let the paint run off the frame. Your mug shot looks like u want to kill somebody! Start again with sponge paint the inside with your colors. It’s just a learning curve. Look up Kanella(?) other the web.. She’s amazing. Don’t stress….by the time Collins grows up u will have it mastered! Stay cool!!

  2. I loved that. Fabric has to be fastened in drawer so I used spray glue that said repositionable. Works great…until you want to take it out. Acetone works but God knows its only repositionable glue for a very short time. NEVER read the directions, they will just mislead you. Still learning the hard way at 71.

  3. Hmmm, there is a reason drawer liners were invented, just sayin’.
    I have seen drawers lined with fabric, inside and also on the outer edges, so when you pull out the drawer the side are as pretty as the inside.
    You could decoupage the insides?
    Or just paint them a solid color to coordinate with the cabinet.
    Personally, my vanity drawers seem to be perpetually filled with hair, since I store combs and brushes in some, and tend to leave the drawers open when I am blow drying…

    1. Yea, I just didn’t want to do any of that, haha. I was trying to be creative…clearly that didn’t get me very far >.<

  4. OK. This cracked me up because that’s some sh*t I’d do.

    You need to scrape that mess outta there and start over.

    Here’s the thing tho’:


    Like, get a piece of cardboard and practice. It’s doable! Watch some YT vids on it.

    Better idea – after The Scraping… Get your kiddo to do a cute painting on the drawer bottoms. Couldn’t turn out any worse than what you’ve got, right?


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