8 Modern Desk Chairs For Everyday Use

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Inside: A peek at 8 of the most sleek modern desk chairs that are great for any budget. Your tush deserves the most comfort when working from home and these chairs can help while also not being hideous


Modern Desk Chairs That Aren’t Hideous or Super Uncomfy

I don’t know about you, but often I wonder if the office furniture designers and manufacturers don’t think about how you actually use your office furniture. Especially now that it seems like more people need home office furniture.

Or maybe that means we weren’t designed to sit upright in a chair for hours at a time without getting pain in our back or our arms.

Anyways, I have to say that, except for an ergonomic desk chair which is pretty ugly, many office chairs can be pretty uncomfortable.

But you also don’t want to use the cheapest thing there is, because it probably won’t last very long either.

Ikea Snille Chair

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I loved our Ikea desk chair hack where we made $20 chairs look way more expensive with a bit of spray paint, but the truth is, they were not sustainable.

The paint started chipping off because I rested my feet on the wheels a lot, and Jordan is 6’2″ and a big man. So when he started working from home a lot more with the real estate biz, it was finally the catalyst to hunt for new chairs.

Why is a desk chair important?

modern desk chair in brown leather in front of navy Alex drawer units from Ikea

Unless you have a permanent standing desk, you’re eventually going to want or need to sit down. And you have to have something that is going to be comfortable enough that you’re not miserable but not too comfortable to where you just sit down and immediately want to go to sleep.

What are the essential features of a desk chair?

When I tell you that I feel like we looked at 100,000 chairs before we found the one that suited us both best, I’m not kidding. So I got very familiar with the chairs, their aesthetic, and must-have features that I believe should be in any modern desk chair you’re looking to purchase.


Let me be super clear – plastic ain’t it.

Don’t get me wrong – I really can’t speak highly enough of the ability for Ikea to make plastic seemingly comfortable. Still, it’s just not suitable for longer stretches.

Plastic chairs are also not the most aesthetically pleasing option either. They can give you a sleek look most definitely, but with the comfort, not so much.

When it comes to the material you want for your modern desk chair, I recommend fabric upholstery. It’s super comfortable, and there are tons of fabric options from which to choose. You’re sure to be able to find a color you can match to any decor you have in your home office.

The fabric conforms to your body shape and weight so that you don’t get back pain or aches in the arms after working for a while.

Another material I love is leather (or faux leather). Just be careful wearing shorts because you can easily rip a layer of skin off if you have to jump up suddenly.

Which has never happened to me before. Promise. Noooooot speaking from experience at all. (<– That sentence is a lie).

Adjustable Backrest

Admittedly, not every chair in this list I’ve compiled of the best modern desk chairs to use every day has an adjustable backrest.

However, one of the essential features I feel like an office chair should have is adjustable backrests. There are several reasons for this, but to keep it short, the main reason is because you want your back to be supported at all times.

It’s also super important because if you’re anything like me sitting at a computer all day, your posture changes. I usually start super straight, but as the day goes on and I’m getting more tired, my back starts to curve, and I need a chair to help support the terrible posture I have.

Adjustable Height

One thing that I instantly hated about our Ikea desk chairs was that the only way to adjust the height was to spin it around.

Which is excellent if you love getting yourself dizzy. But I personally do not.

When looking for a new desk chair, make sure that you have an adjustable seat height. Sometimes you may want to sit higher up under your desk, and sometimes you may want to sit lower depending on the task you’re completing.

For example, when I edit photos, I like sitting higher because it gives me a better sense of the actual colors within the photo. If I’m writing a funny email to my favorite people in the whole world (*ahem* you), then I don’t mind sitting a little lower.

Lumbar Support

Trying to find a modern desk chair with lumbar support is a challenge, but surprise! I gotcha one!

While she’s not the cutest chair on the block, honestly, I think this could work well if you had a more masculine or rustic modern office or desk. Lumbar support is crucial, especially if you’re larger or have minor back problems.


I put this at the bottom of the list because I really believe that this is a personal preference. Armrests sometimes get in my way and end up being more obnoxious than anything else, but for some, they’re a must-have.

I’m definitely in the “do not buy a chair with armrests” club when it comes to armrests.

I think that if you’re able to find a modern desk chair that is comfortable without armrests, then I would recommend going for it.

I do know that armrests help, especially when you’re typing for a long time, because you can rest your arms and give yourself a break without having to take your hands off of the keyboard.

But I personally think they get in my way most days, so I prefer not using them.

Obviously, you’ll need to take into consideration your style and, most importantly, budget.

modern desk chair in brown cognac leather at

I see office desk chairs as an investment because you’ll be sitting in them a LOT if you work from home. So you need to be comfortable, and they’ll pay for themselves over time.

Now that you’ve read about the importance of a good chair get your booty OUT of your current uncomfy chair and go get one of these!

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