Easiest IKEA Chair Hack EVER

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If you’re looking for a stylish office chair but don’t want to spend a ton of money, I’ve got the easiest IKEA chair hack ever for you that will save you money

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Listen. You guys know I love IKEA. I love a lot of their items, but what I also love is that you can really customize them even more once you get them home and make them exactly what you want. And you guys know I love a budget. So, it should be no brainer that I was pumped to be able to find this chair that was a blank slate and CHEAP!

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Hacking this thing was super easy. We wanted to basically make the legs gold so that it would match the gold elements we chose for this space.

Now on to seriously the easiest IKEA chair Hack EVER

Jordan found this gold spray paint for me at Michael’s and it matches our sconces and clock absolutely perfectly!

I SO WISH you guys could have seen me set this up. (If you follow me on Instagram, and you hurry, you can see how comedic this actually was) Our driveway is on a slant. So, while these photographs shows these nicely lined up on a random cabinet we have laying in our yard, it was really a very tense game of weird dominoes.

I had to set these up FOUR TIMES because one in the middle would just randomly fall down and they all fell like some sketch comedy show like I planned it. Spoiler alert: I did not plan it.

Oh. And another note. Yes. This project absolutely requires for you too to have a random cabinet in your own yard too.

I’m only kidding. Kinda.

I sprayed these bad boys and was able to do all the pieces of the chairs with one can of that spray paint and I still had some left over for touchups.

This stuff is a little pricier than regular spray paint, but you can always get a 40% off coupon which makes it the same price and it’s SUCH good quality. I would give you more steps to this, but I promised you it was the easiest IKEA chair hack ever and I want to deliver on that promise. So, after a couple touchups, we had the final product!

easiest IKEA chair hack

It really is insane what a little bit of spray paint can do. It looks like a totally different chair. No, it’s not one of those super regal desk chairs like you see a judge sitting in on an episode of Law and Order: SVU, but the good news is I won’t be trying any court cases in this and will be using it to work.

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For whatever reason this chair has pretty low reviews on the site and I’m not really sure why. It is surprisingly comfortable for a plain plastic office chair and Jordan, who is a big man, says the same! And for $20, I can’t be upset with that! Make sure you pin this for later for inspiration and enjoy your made over chair in your own office!

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    1. The desk was SO easy! 3 Alex drawer units in navy from Ikea and a butcher block top! Didn’t even secure it down since it’s so heavy. It just lifts right off

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