Modern and Feminine Office Reveal

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In the final week of the One Room Challenge, I’m giving a tour of our modern and feminine office reveal, including budget friendly items, DIY projects and minimal decor

Ummmm I can’t believe I’m saying this. WE FRIGGIN’ DID IT Y’ALL!!! We FINISHED the One Room Challenge. ON TIME! If you could only see my wicked dance moves that I’m doing as I type this you’d be laughing. And perhaps slightly frightened.

Before we go any further with any pictures or anything, please oh please check out previous week’s work:

Just FYI, we started here:

Cleaned out, we then had a blank slate like this:

I’m hoping you already have seen our entire mood board, but the goal was to create a modern and feminine office that looked something a little like this:

modern and feminine office mood board

Now, for the star of this horse and pony show!

Modern and Feminine Office Reveal

modern and feminine office reveal

YOU GUYSSSSS!!! I still can’t believe we did it. Not only does it look like our mood board, but it is exactly what I had in my mind and it just makes me so giddy.

Let’s start with megadesk. AKA these gorgeous Ikea Alex drawers in navy and a piece of butcher block we got in the clearance room at Ikea. It’s all I could have ever dreams. I don’t know who Alex is, but I love his drawers! (That’s what she said)

Unfortunately by now, you guys probably know I’m not going to be giving you tips on styling shelves anytime soon. We have open shelves in our kitchen, shelves in our guest bathroom, and now we have these. And I still have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to styling shelves. I literally went to Hobby Lobby, forced/bribed my poor 4 year old to walk around Hobby Lobby and “help me” and then fed our 9 month old a pouch to eat cuz … well, he’s chubby and you can always distract chubby people with food (i.e. ME).

The books we had because MY GOSH WE HAVE A BILLION BOOKS. The clock is from Ikea, but leaf? Hobby Lobby. Flower pot thingie and flowers? Hobby Lobby. Thing that the flower pot thingie and flowers are sitting in? Hobby Lobby. Glass jar up top? Also Hobby Lobby.

Y’all know I’m a sucker for hilarious signs. In fact, I dedicated an entire post to hilarious bathroom signs and when I saw this, I knew it was coming home with me. If a piece of art makes me actually laugh out loud, there’s a pretty good chance it’s coming into our home.

Look guys! I did everything on my to do list! Stuff and things! DONEZO! But also, I actually did have business cards made up. I’m going to a conference soon and knew I needed to have them, but having them set up in this little marble holder (also from Hobby Lobby) just makes me feel like an official working adult. But also, I still wear 49 cent Walgreens leggings, so, there’s that.

(If you’re not sure about the leggings, that must mean that you don’t follow me on Instagram which is a crying shame. I’m hilarious and share my insane life with you that sometimes I don’t even feel is real but it is).

modern and feminine office reveal

The sconces give me life. In our original design, we only planned for two of these on either side of the Ikea Alex drawer giant megadesk, but went for three and I don’t regret it. They’re GAWJUS.

rock hill map

I’d like to take a moment to thank my Lord and Savior for inventing the guy who invented Staples and then the guy who invented Staples engineering prints. $3, some scrap stained wood, and Dollar Tree twine makes for this incredible piece of art. AND I got to support a local friend who MADE THIS for me. I was so excited! I LOVE it.

So, there we have it folks. I tried to keep decor to a minimum because I can NOT be productive staring at a bunch of crap. I am so pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait to get started working AT an actual desk ….. but still in my jammies. Some things never change.


What do you all think??? Did we nail it or nah?

Come see the AWESOME room reveal of this modern and feminine office, including budget friendly decor and super easy DIY projects you can do #officedecor #oneroomchallenge #BHGORC #officedesign

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  1. I checked out the wallpaper site but was overwhelmed trying to find the one you used…do you remember what it’s called?

    1. Thank you so much! It was actually in the Ikea “as is” section because it was supposed to be a countertop for someone apparently. I know it’s over 80″ but I’m not 100% sure!

  2. Gorgeous office! Was the countertop the 98 inch? I love how that looks and am wondering if it’s ok to have such a long piece held up by just 3 Alex units. How did you attach it? Thanks!

    1. Yep! Full length of the wall; the thing is huge. Those Alex units are actually very, very sturdy and well built. We didn’t attach it at all. That counter is SO HEAVY it ain’t going anywhere, BUT we did add little silicone circles on it to help it from sliding. We did one on the four corners of each of the drawer units. I hope that helps!

  3. Oh my goodness – I found this during my quarantine searching for future home office inspiration. Would you mind sharing a link to your friend’s shop to order the city images? I’ve searched on etsy, and really love the simplicity of yours (for my city though). I love love love how your wallpaper and desk complement one another. Well done!

    1. Hey! First of all, YAY! I’m so glad it was helpful! I would LOVE to share a link but he no longer has his shop anymore πŸ™

    1. aw yes absolutely! it’s been so great. it’s so refreshing to know that things don’t have to take forever and don’t have to be a huge budget to make something nice and functional!

  4. It’s SO SO good!! That wallpaper is sheer perfection. The colours, the geometric print…I’m in LOVE! I also love how you pulled out the blue in the desk drawers. The gold sconces are also such a gorgeous addition as well. It all just works. Fantastic job!!

  5. This looks so good! My favorites are those amazing blue cabinets, and that engineering print is such a good idea, love it! Ok, and that statement wall is pretty great too! Good job getting everything done!

    1. hahah yes thank you!! I love the feel of it and am so glad I pulled the trigger on that wallpaper even though I didn’t want to spend that much

  6. It turned out great! I love the desk and wall paper! We are going to re do the office downstairs, so I am pinning this for inspiration!

    1. YAY Mary!! So glad it could help with some inspo and can’t wait to see what you do with your own office!!

    1. thank you!!! Yeah that floor mat was just a very very last minute idea but I’m SO GLAD I fought the urge to just shut it down completely as I tend to do as a huge skeptic haha

  7. Thank you for getting Journey stuck in my head this morning. And yes, I’m singing it just the way the leaf picture spelled it. πŸ˜‰ You did an amazing job with the office!!! I just realized we live just an hour away from each other, so hello neighbor!

    1. hahahahah man that makes me so happy!! AND YES WE DO!!!! We actually both went to college AND got married in Spartanburg πŸ˜‰

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