The Surprising Reason Vision Insurance Is So Important As A Blogger

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Inside: Being self employed is cool until your husband then becomes self employed and you have to figure out what to do about insurance. Learn why this is so important!

I’m so excited to partner with VSP Vision Care today to explain to you why having vision care is super important, especially being self employed


Vision Insurance When You’re Self Employed

I started this blog 4 years ago on a wing and a prayer. I had no clue what I was doing and I can guarantee you that I never thought it would be my business today.

I didn’t even know blogging could be a business, honestly. I thought it was a hoax when people said they made thousands just by writing stuff on the internet.

But 4 years later I’m still in this game and I’m still loving it.

So much so I’ve even got my husband in on the gig. He recently left his full time big boy job and is now in real estate and investing full time.

Which is awesome and all except for one thing –


woman with long curly hair holding girl in her lap with long hair

We have kids, we have eyes, and the 2 adults in the house wear glasses and are dang near legally blind without them.

So when we were shopping for a new healthcare plan, vision care played a lot into that.

Vision insurance as a blogger

Everything I do for work involves a screen.


If you’re a blogger or content creator, you get it. Working on your computer all day long can be stressful for your eyes.

We’ve all been there, staring at a screen that’s too small, too bright, or too blurry to read. What are you supposed to do? You have to keep working, but if you don’t take care of yourself, it could lead to serious vision problems down the road like eye strain and migraines.

And your workflow and client deadlines don’t care about migraines.

That’s why it’s important to protect your eyes with vision insurance, regardless of whether you wear contacts or glasses.

When my husband left his corporate job to become self employed as a real estate agent, we couldn’t even consider plans that didn’t also have vision insurance.

Wanna know why?

woman in yellow sweatshirt squinting at iMac

That. That’s why. That’s exactly what I would look like every single day if I didn’t have affordable eye care coverage because I can’t see past a few inches in front of my face.

Cute, right? NOT.

Does our whole family have vision care?

Vision care for our entire family is important because we have, like, a lot of kids. And we hope to even have more some day.

I’m very thankful for said kids, but with me and Jordan as their parents, there is a strong likelihood at least one of them will end up with glasses.

woman with long curly hair and sunglasses smilling with son in bright yellow shirt

And this one? He may just need vision insurance because he either gets roughhoused by somebody on his football or soccer field or somehow gets something in his eye at a flip house construction zone with his dad.

3 year old boys are WILD, bro.

Is there a difference between health insurance and vision insurance?

I am a firm believer that vision insurance is health insurance and that’s why we love VSP Vision Care!

Health insurance doesn’t always include vision insurance, but with VSP Vision Care you can have incredible savings on vision care for you and the whole fam.

Let’s be real – eye insurance really is just as important as general healthcare insurance.

While I know it’s super trendy and hipster to wear glasses, Jordan and I both wear them because neither of us can see without them. Like at all.

woman with long curly hair holding infant daughter with headband

And we just had a really cute baby and I want to look at her a lot.

With all the DIY projects that require things like straight lines, math, and the fact that we use saws a lot, it’s imperative that our vision needs are covered.

Even having a yearly eye exam is a great place to start when it comes to taking care of your eyes and overall health. Think of it as just another part under the “hood” when you take your car to get a tune up.

Tips for protecting your eyesight as a freelancer/blogger/self employed person

Most of my adult life, I’ve had a career that has centered around being behind a computer so I’ve learned a few tricks for protecting your eyesight:

  • Get yearly eye exams – Even if you feel your prescription hasn’t changed, it’s good just to make sure everything is firing on all cylinders. I have astigmatism in one eye so I have to keep that in check.
  • Enroll in a good vision care program like VSP Vision Care – It’s a great low cost solution and y’all know how much I love saving that dough.
  • Consider your lighting – I am cautious about using bright overhead lights. Instead, I work with floor lamps on and sit near them.
  • Utilize blue light blocking utilities on your computer – I have my computer set to automatically change into a “warmer” screen setting after sunset. This helps not only with my eyes, but also helps signal if I’m still working that it should be time to wrap it up soon.

The biggest reminder I can give you is that as a blogger or self-employed person, although it may seem unimportant, what you can see and how you see it can determine the trajectory of your career.

Not being able to see photos can hinder your ability to properly photograph a space or person.

Not being able to read a computer screen can hinder your ability to crank out content on either your site or within a newsletter.

toddler boy and infant daughter on playmat on floor in front of a couch

Not being able to see your kids can hinder your ability to have quick reflexes and therefore, they may get into a Hi Ho Cherry O Board game and eat all the cherries. I’m speaking from experience.

Make sure your family’s eye health is a top priority. Enroll in VSP Vision Care for big savings on eyewear for you and the whole family!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VSP Vision Care. Thank you so much for supporting my little piece of virtual real estate and supporting theirs as well!

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