My Amazon Stone & Beam Farmhouse Favorites

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Sharing my favorite items and some of the best deals from the Amazon Stone & Beam farmhouse line

Am I the only one that has been living under a rock and just realized that Amazon has their own line of furniture and farmhouse home decor?! To be honest, I feel that our design sense is shifting a bit away from farmhouse. Well, mine has been shifting for a long time now, but I think Jordan is finally catching up with me and we’re moving away from it.

Don’t hate me. I still love it and farmhouse decor still gives me some warm, fuzzy feelings, but I just think I prefer a different aesthetic. Don’t ask me what it is yet though because I’m not sure lolz. So, our style now is what I would consider transitional.

Regardless, when I found out that Amazon had their own farmhouse line, of course I had to check it out.

Amazon Stone and Beam Farmhouse Collection Favorites

Not only is the stuff actually really cute, but it’s got incredible reviews and is priced very reasonably! So, I decided to round up my favorites to share with you all in case you’re like me and had no idea they even had some of this stuff!

Amazon Stone & Beam Collection Favorites:

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What I love about this decor collection is that it’s not overwhelming. If you go into Kirkland’s looking for farmhouse home decor or god forbid Hobby Lobby or At Home, it’s just so overwhelming. There’s so much.

But with this collection, I was able to search every item in it within a matter of under an hour and that included reading some reviews, looking at some customer photos, the whole 9.

So, what are some of your favorites? Tell me below. I’m loving the furniture myself!

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Amazon Stone and Beam Farmhouse Collection Favorites

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