Sealing & Finishing Hardwood Floors

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Why we opted to call in the professionals for our hardwood floor sealing & refinishing, how PODS helps in any home remodel, and some before and after photos

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Now on to the good stuff. These gorgeous floors.

It’s been a running joke that we have 11 different types of floors in our little cape cod. ELEVEN. That’s an excessive amount. Luckily, we have been able to replace floors in our guest bathroom and our laundry room with real tile and even did some faux marble in our master bathroom that I’m loving. But it doesn’t minimize the number of different flooring we have in here.

I’ve also talked about when doing DIY projects it is important to know your limits and we installed them ourselves (well, Jordan and my best friend’s husband did), but for refinishing, we planned to call in the professionals. A couple professionals, actually!

How do you prepare your house for the floors to be refinished?

After finding a guy who we could trust with his work, he said the dreadful words, “You know everything has to be moved out of here, right?”

Say it ain’t so, Juan! (Juan was the guy’s name who did our floors, if you’re wondering)

That meant moving 4 bedrooms, an office, and a playroom that looks like a bomb went off on a good day. Not to mention we have a guest staying at our house for several months right now. Where do we even begin to put everything?

Enter PODS Moving & Storage!

Because we only needed stuff gone for about a week, we did not want to go through the hassle to rent a storage unit. Plus, having stuff off site just didn’t make sense.

PODS is a great option for those of us trying to do any kind of home remodel because their portable containers provide a way to have your stuff accessible without being in the thick of it and covered in sawdust or paint or popcorn ceiling dust which I’m still traumatized by.

The PODS portable container has a steel frame which means it’s weather resistant which is great when you live in the south and one day you’re in your bathing suit and then the next day, you’re pulling out the ski bibs to go make snow angels in the front yard.

The container itself is delivered to you on a truck named …. wait for it … PODZILLA.

Y’all know I looove a good pun so this right here was icing on the cake. Having the container in your own driveway and on the ground means no ramps, no stairs, and everything is accessible 24/7.

So, when your daughter loses her mind because she is wanting to play with her Barbie Dream Plane that’s in the back of said container, you can crawl your hiney up in there and get it for her to avoid an argument and because you’re the best parent ever.

That didn’t happen or anything.

How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?

In about 5 hours on a Saturday, these floors were vacuumed, buffed, and sealed (times 2) by a husband and wife duo. 3 days later, absolute perfection. I wanted to hug them.

The floors are so gorgeous! And now I don’t have to freak out if our son accidentally knocks over an entire cup of my coffee or an entire can of Diet Cherry Pepsi or steps on raisins in his footie jammies and drags the weird raisin grease down the hallway.

What are the pros and cons of hiring help for hardwood floor refinishing?


  • So much quicker!
  • The flooring pros know what products work best
  • Less stressful
  • You have an excuse to use PODS and lemme tell ya, their customer service is awesome. I feel like I’m friends with all the guys that brought and picked up our portable container and I’ve spent less than 10 minutes with them.


  • Extremely expensive. I know we got these floors for super cheap, but having them sealed was DOUBLE the cost of buying them.

As you can see, pros totally outweigh the cons for us and going through with the hardwood floor refinishing is so worth it. Now I feel we have a great foundation for the rest of the projects we want to finish in our house this year!

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Why we chose a pro to help refinish and seal our raw oak hardwood floors

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  1. It’s helpful to know that preemptively moving all furniture is required before a hardwood refinishing job. I’m considering to hire a contractor to work on my bedroom floor soon because living with my dog has left it with some many scratches from his claws. Maybe I should invite my brother over soon in order to properly move my bed out of the room.

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