Toddler Gift Ideas that are Safe For Babies

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Toddler gift ideas that are safe for little babies too – that means no small pieces, nothing that can be eaten, but still provide fun and stimulation for your toddler!

Pictured above is 1 toddler boy and 32 plastic cherries. Yes. That would be that this little guy somehow was super sneaky and at 32 plastic cherries from the game Hi Ho Cherry O. No worries – everything came out okay. Literally. Ew.

Fast forward a couple months and now we have added 7 beads from a necklace kit that also somehow got eaten. You can check out my Instagram story highlights for how this all happened.

This kid is probably one of the cutest ones I’ve seen but can NOT be trusted. And now, his sister needs new toys. Thank goodness for Christmas, amirite?! I searched HIGH AND LOW and hand selected these toddler gift ideas that are going to be good for your wallet and also safe if you have babies like mine around. Nothing they can throw to hit something or someone with, nothing they can swallow and nothing they can impale themselves or others with either. Hooray!

Baby Proof Toddler Gift Ideas

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Best toddler gift ideas 2019

Car carrier truck | Red Light Green Light Game | Trampoline | My First Sports Bag | Name Puzzle | Bluetooth Karaoke Mic | Digital Camera | Magnatiles | Play Kitchen | Vet Kit

Why did I choose these toddler gift ideas?

No small pieces!

Best toddler gift ideas 2019 #toddlergiftideas #babygiftideas

These toddler gift ideas will keep your little boo thang entertained without having to remember this one toy has 97 pieces and … oh wait. Now there’s only 90 because Josiah has eaten 7. We actually already have a toy similar to this sports bag one that’s My First Computer and it’s so precious! We also have this trampoline and I know that if a certain someone takes a tumble backwards off of it, they’ll be just fine.

Pro tip: If you’re going to put this trampoline together to have out at Christmas, that’s fine, but make sure you give yourself time and put on your good workout pants because for some reason the safety handlebar thing is UNGODLY difficult to get on. You may cuss. But is it really Christmas if you don’t cuss at least once putting something together for your child who will most likely like the box more?

They can grow with them!

Hear me out. I know I JUST SAID something about not having 97 pieces BUT these are larger pieces and can’t be swallowed. I promise you I know this because we have both of these toys! The vet kit Charlotte got for her birthday last year and she loves it! As she’s getting older, it’s all about the experience of being a doctor and having patients. For Josiah, it’s more about how many of these things can I hold in my hands at once.

The magnatiles are great because they’re larger. The magnets in these are super strong and so Jo can’t figure out what’s going on or why they won’t come apart which leads to him throwing them which, whatever, but Char likes building castles and towers and houses for her “little darlings” as she refers to her small dolls.

What started our gift hunt was trying to find a game to replace Hi Ho Cherry O that was less cherry-y. We found out that Target just released their own line of new toys and they’re AWESOME!! So cute!

She may be getting one of these under the tree this year 😉

I hope these toddler gift ideas were super helpful for you! I know buying for little ones is a fine line between getting them things you know would make them happy, but not filling your house with too much “crap” and feeling cluttered and stressed constantly. Good luck!

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One last bonus tip for the play kitchen: We have it and love it, but get felt or stuffed food for this. It’s all fun and games until you get pegged in the head with a wooden garlic clove. Ask me how I know.

Thank you Chuckle and Roar for allowing us to try some games that my son can’t eat and my daughter will love. As always, all opinions are my own.

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