Covered In Cotton Instagram Giveaway!

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Join the fun on our first Instagram giveaway and learn more about the company I am collaborating with, Covered In Cotton!

This is a first, but I’m SO PUMPED about it!

Not only is it our first giveaway, but it’s our first collaboration!! I thought I might share a few more details on here about why we decided to collaborate with Covered in Cotton.

Not only is the story of how this company got started incredible, but the Woodards are a very special family to us. Before moving to Rock Hill, they were in our old hometown of Florence, South Carolina. Tracy and my husband worked together at our church and we were with them for the birth of all of their children. She had Tate first and Jordan and I fell in love with him. As he grew, he definitely grew in to his own personality and it was so fun to watch him grow and change.

I also remember very vividly when Tracy found out she was expecting the twins. We were stoked for them! They would be super close in age to our three and a half year old, Charlotte.

Then suddenly at three months old, a fever for Tobin quickly turned in to a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. Tracy explains this graveness of this situation so perfectly on her page talking about the mission of this company, so I won’t try to do that here but I highly suggest you go read it for yourself. Seriously. It’s such an incredible story.

Through a series of seizures that ultimately led to brain surgery on sweet little Tobin, he became miraculously healed. His body made a complete and entire recovery and looking at him today, you would absolutely never know anything ever happened to him.After 35 days in the hospital, Tobin got to come home!

Because of their stay in the hospital and the seemingly dark days that they were fearful might be ahead of them, the heart of Covered In Cotton was born. Tracy understood first hand what it’s like to have a child in the hospital and the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that can come with that, so she has made it such that for every 10 throws that are purchased from her company, she will donate one to a children’s hospital for a child in need.

They’re made 100% in the US, in a little city right outside of my old hometown of Florence, South Carolina. The Woodards live on the farm and actually have a hand in making these blankets.

It really is an incredible story and I chose them to collaborate with because the entire reason I’m rebranding my blog is strictly because I believe in a great story and love a company that does the same. 

To enter the giveaway, please check out my Instagram and look for the post featuring the blanket we are giving away! Also, check out Covered In Cotton on Instagram too! You’ll want to give them a follow for sure.

Oh! And if you are on our email list, I am giving all of you FIVE extra entries!! So, if you aren’t already signed up, sign up below! 

I promise I won’t sell your private info. That’s weird anyway. Who do you even sell it TO? Like is there a store? Anyway, I won’t do that.

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  1. What an amazing story and company! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one! They look so soft and comfy. I signed up for your newsletter, and I’ll head over to your IG to enter, too. 🙂

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