Feet Up Friday #9

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

It’s Friday, so kick your feet up friends! Let’s get comfy and see what’s been going on with us over here in the Smith world.


Here’s some blog posts I’ve done the past little bit in case for whatever unknown reason you aren’t on our newsletter list OR have missed the postings:


If you saw my last Feet Up Friday, you know I was listening to Broken Harts and I finished it. For me, it was actually pretty anti-climactic but I kind of saw that coming.

I did start another new one though that I’m already almost done binging which is by the same guys (Wondery) who do my #1 all time favorite podcast which is Sword and Scale and it’s called Over My Dead Body. It just came out in January and it’s … okay so far. It was a little slow to start, but I gotta say I’m in episode 4 now and it’s picking up and I’m liking it more and more.

Oh. And if you’re new here, I’m a true crime addict. I love them and can’t get enough. But none of that NCIS type crap. I want the real stuff. Only real stuff.


Ummmm, did you see my stories on Instagram??? I AM FAMOUS YOU GUYS AND I AM GEEKING OUT!

I came up as NUMBER ONE in a search for a certain GIF that I didn’t even know existed of me and it’s hilarious and awesome and I’m waiting for my big break.

YUP. That’s me. Texting my husband that I’m famous. WITH A GIF OF MYSELF.

Okay, so maybe I’m not famous but you gotta admit being a GIF is like some kinda weird millennial super power or something.



Guys. PINTEREST! I have neglected it for SO SO long but let me tell you something, the love is back and alive and it’s REAL. This past month I’ve been feeling super inspired by SO MANY things around me and I’m loving it! Are you on Pinterest?? Are ya following me? Cuz I would LOVE for you to!

If you’re wondering, what I pin a lot of times has to do with what projects I’m dreaming up in my head and if you take a quick peek through, you can probably guess what those projects are! If you need help finding me on there, you can click here, but truthfully, I shouldn’t be hard to find.

See, look! ISSA ME! I’ve just learned so much the past little while and just really remembered why I first fell in love with it years ago.

That’s all I have for this week’s Feet Up Friday. Truthfully with my new found fame and sitting by the phone waiting for my TV commercial spot and this teething gentle fellow, I’ve been insanely unproductive around these parts.

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