DIY Branded Custom T-shirt With Cricut

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If you have a small business or a retail store, here’s how you can make a branded DIY custom T-shirt in less than a couple hours!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

I know by this point in the year, most of your halls are already decked and your trees are already trimmed. Not really over here because we decided not to decorate this year. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, I promise I have a reason you can read in the post I just linked for you.

I’ve completed all of my shopping, but after the last disaster of a DIY project I had a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t let that be the last DIY project I did for the year. I wanted to make a DIY project slash Christmas present to myself, ha! How’s that for self care? 😉

DIY Custom T-shirt


Steps for your own custom t-shirt

Upload your logo in the Cricut Design Space and with a few clicks, you can have the outline ready to print on the everyday iron-on vinyl.

I must say I am in love with this machine. I have a verrrry old Silhouette and was dreading trying to get used to this machine, but it was so easy I almost cried. They walk you through setting everything up. It’s the most plug and play that any plug and play has ever plugged and played.

All I had to do was turn a teeny little dial to the right settings and in under a minute, my logo was cut out!

Use the hook tool to peel off the parts of your logo that won’t be ironed on.

Depending on the logo that you have, this part can be tedious, but my little type A brain actually really liked this part of getting all the excess off.

Using the EasyPress to iron on your logo to your DIY custom t-shirt

This has got to be the real star of the show. Quite candidly, I wasn’t so sure I knew what the fuss was about until I got one.

These two little babies are magic makers. The EasyPress and the heat mat. You can’t use an ironing board because it’s not firm enough, but you can use this ironing mat they have and it’s perfect!

By going to this page, you put in your materials and it spits out the exact temperature and time you need for your project.

Say whaaaaa?

Next, line up where you want your logo to go and place your EasyPress on top and gently press for the amount of time that’s on the timer. For me, it was 30 seconds.

Since I’m not always the best at following instructions apparently (hence the huge DIY fail I had a couple weeks ago), I made sure I read and re-read the instructions here.

After placing your logo, you need to flip the shirt over and press it for another 15 seconds on the non-logo side.

I am so pleased with how it turned out!! Because I get to work out of the house at a coffee shop or something occasionally, this is a great way to “quietly advertise” my site without being obnoxious or just leaving my cards on random bulletin boards.

If you have a business and don’t want to invest in a branded custom t-shirt for you or your staff, you should try the EasyPress! It will pay for itself in no time! Plus think of all the ways you can use this to make gifts for everyone. We’re actually going to be using this to make a gift that I’ll share over on Instagram!

I’m signing off of the blog for 2019. It’s been a wild ride that I’ll be sharing more of later as some newness wears off. You guys are THE BEST and the entire reason I’m here.

I’ve got some SUPER EXCITING things planned to share in the new year, but before I go I want to make sure I leave on the right note and at least ask:

What do you want to see from me on the blog? It can be anything! Lifestyle, DIY, blogging tips, just let me know in the comments below! My email subscribers will be getting a little survey from me to help me understand them better, but also learn what they want so get on that list now if you’re not already!

Happy holidays and until we meet again in 2020, keep it real, fam!

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