DIY Vanity Makeover (On A Budget!)

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Get your own DIY vanity makeover on a budget, all with a little paint, faux marble countertops, and some new cabinet hardware

So close to having this bathroom done and I can’t wait. Every time we finish another little project in here, I’m more and more in love.

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While it would be lovely to fit a double vanity in here like we did in our guest bathroom, that vanity in there is made up of cabinets from Ikea which is cheaper than buying a vanity but still pretty pricey and not even close to what we wanted to spend for this space. So, we knew going into it that we would just be painting this bad boy.

How To DIY A Vanity Makeover

Painting A Bathroom Vanity (Like a pro)

painting bathroom cabinet

The first step of vanity painting like a pro is to remove the doors. I mean, duh, kinda, right?

painting bathroom cabinet

We set up our doors on some sawhorses inside our Wagner tent that we love so much and used to spray our daughter’s little playhouse makeover. Let’s just say in a few short weeks, this thing has been used a TON and we love it just as much as the first day it was set up. Since Jordan typically has to do the dirty and unfun hard stuff, I let him have fun with this paint sprayer.

painting bathroom cabinet

We got the Wagner Flexio 5000. That’s right. Brought out the big guns. If you’re new around here we do a lot of updating with spray paint and just paint in general so this thing is going to be well loved. (We’re even considering using this to paint our exterior! Shh! We’ll see.)

painting bathroom cabinet

What I love about this thing is that even though it’s “big”, it is SO lightweight! I was also PLEASANTLY surprised to realize how easy clean up is with this guy. When we (traumatically) scraped our own popcorn ceilings, we went through TWO cheaper paint sprayers and they were GARBAGE so I was nervous about this. But it’s incredible! It comes with 2 nozzles for different coverage too so we used one for our tub refinish and a different one for this job.

painting a bathroom cabinet

Jordan used the sprayer to prime and paint the doors and I was inside slaving away on the cabinet with a roller like a poor person. The good thing about this vanity painting job is that since we had no floors and hadn’t painted the walls yet, I didn’t have to worry about taping anything off. Not that I would have anyway, truth be told.

And here we have what I call Christmas in July. Red countertop with teal green cabinets. To be exact, the color is Valspar Sequoia Glade. I know in our original plans we said we were going with Kilz BUT to my surprise, our store didn’t have it so I found this and am SO HAPPY with the color. SEXY AMIRITE?! Uh, no. Not with that red countertop. Here comes the show stopper, y’all.

Faux Marble Countertops!!

Let’s friggin’ go! I was so incredibly pleased with this next part of our little DIY vanity transformation. I can not believe that marble contact paper (affiliate) can look this realistic. There aren’t a ton of in process photos because we did this the hard way. Are you surprised?

marble contact paper

Apparently doing some research AFTER we installed this, you are supposed to wet your countertop to help it slide around and then squeegee it out. You can also then use a hairdryer to stretch it and stuff. Who knew?! I’m thankful for the internet even if it was a day late and about $20 short for us in this project.

faux marble countertops
vanity makeover with marble contact paper
contact paper countertop
contact paper countertop

I didn’t want a full backsplash because I didn’t want to take away from the mirror, but we had to have a solution for around the bathroom counter since there was a giant hole in our wall that was there when we removed the red countertop surround.

We ripped down 1×3 pieces of wood to fit underneath the mirror and the 2 sides.

I then cut strips of the marble contact paper and wrapped the 3 pieces of wood that were going to make up our surround.

Using construction adhesive, J added the 3 pieces of the vanity surround. We stuck the sink back in and admired the work! It’s CRAZY how amazing a little paint and some fake marble bathroom countertops changes an entire space!

DIY vanity makeover
DIY vanity makeover with brushed nickel hardware

We added some cabinet hardware from Home Depot that I love! Simple, brushed nickel but it’s going to pair nicely with the rest of the fixtures we plan to have in this space!

fake marble countertops
DIY vanity makeover

We still have a little ways to go – you know like actually getting a faucet in here and adding some caulk, but for now, this little DIY vanity project gives me joy to look at when I lay down at night. (No I’m not laying in the floor, my side of the bed is just right next to the bathroom so I see it lots.)

Have you ever made over a vanity? What are some pro tips for doing it cheap and making it look good? I’m all ears! (or fingers? IDK. The internet is weird.)

*Thank you Wagner for partnering with me on this post! All opinions are my own, obviously.

You have to see the before and after of this bathroom vanity! From gross red countertop to stunning faux marble! See it on NOW!

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  1. Hi I love your bathroom!!! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of flooring did you use? Everything looks fantastic!!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hey Glenda! First of all thank you SO MUCH! Secondly, that contact paper is SO THICK and it’s had lots of water spilled or splashed on it so far and no issues at all! I’m actually super pleased with it and plan on doing a full review once it’s been installed for a year. Our floors were peel and stick marble and we loooove them! Again, not a single issue 🙂 You can see them in our final reveal post here: I hope that helps!

  2. Wow, this is amazing! Could you please share the color name and brand of paint you used on the vanity? Thank you!

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