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The 10 best of Living Letter Home including DIY projects, room reveals and more that were your most liked posts for the entire year

Happy New Year, guys! I can’t believe the holiday season has come and gone and now it’s time to start making plans for our home in a new year. As I was looking back through the posts that you guys loved the most, I was just shocked at how much we were able to accomplish even though we went through some insane changes.

If you would have told me in January of 2019 that by December my husband would no longer be in ministry, that I would be starting another business and where we would be in home projects, I’m not sure I would believe you and yet here we be! Without further adieu, here are the top posts and projects of the year last year!

Best Living Letter Home Posts of 2019

10. DIY Mailbox Makeover

DIY mailbox makeover

This brand new mailbox brought so much life to our front yard! We have a loooong way to go here when it comes to landscaping, but this sure did help! It was so cheap and easy to make too.

9. Ava Bracelet Review

I’m honestly surprised that this made the top 10, but it makes me feel really good. Mostly because even though this is a DIY and home renovation blog, I don’t shy away from real life and our real life includes an ongoing battle with infertility and it BLOWS. But being able to answer some questions about this Ava Bracelet just shows me that our story is helping at least some of you so that’s really good to know.

8. Organized Desk Drawers

organized desk drawers

My office desk drawers are my secret love! I had tons of space to organize things which is good because if you saw the before of this space, I had a loooot to organize. This is a dual space for me being both my office and craft area. And now that I got myself a brand new Cricut machine and have learned how to make my own branded t-shirts, I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot more crafting in this space soon!

7. Little Tikes Playhouse Makeover

DIY Little Tikes playhouse makeover by Living Letter Home on a budget, with cute little details for our want to be gardener girl #modernfarmhouseplayhouse #playhousemakeover

Now, I did a lot of projects last year, but this definitely made my personal top 3 list. It was a mixture of the fact that it took so little time, so little money, and the end result was just so dang cute! You can find the entire tutorial, including before and afters here!

6. Pantry Update Design Plans

Normally when we are planning a design for a room, I make a mood board and do the whole hoopdie doo and this post I didn’t. I just showed our struggle bus of a pantry and talked about my plans but for some reason, it excited y’all. I’m here for it!

5. Week 4 of the $100 Room Challenge

wood pantry shelving and shiplap

Now, this one was an anomaly for me. I’m not quite sure what made this post so popular, but it lit my page views up this year. If I had to guess, it’s because of the simple DIY shelves, but I didn’t even give you a tutorial. Oops!

4. Spring Wreath from $1 Hula Hoop

Hello spring wreath

It seriously makes my heart happy how much you guys love cheap DIY projects cuz ya girl looooves cheap projects over here! This DIY spring wreath was a fun last minute project.

3. DIY Pantry Can Storage

Again, same song and dance here. So cheap, so easy, such a short project! This DIY pantry can riser created some much needed storage in our new budget friendly farmhouse pantry makeover.

2. $100 Pantry Makeover Reveal

That’s right. 4 out of my top 10 posts had to do with this $100 pantry makeover! I couldn’t believe it, but here again, it just goes to show me that you guys are here to see budget friendly DIY projects which is helpful for me to know when I’m planning our future projects! Holla!

And for our final post, the number one most visited post of 2019 is………..

1. Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table

I was so excited to see how much you guys loved our DIY farmhouse table! We adore this thing and we have already had so many memories around this thing and I can’t wait until many more.

So, there it is! Our top posts of 2019. I’m going to be sharing what our 2020 house plans are in a couple of days so keep ya eyes peeled for that! If you’re wanting to see something specific in our house next year, speak now or forever hold your peace!

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