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Inside: Hands down the EASIEST tutorial for your own DIY walkboard for projects that require just a little bit of height – like scraping popcorn ceilings or installing crown molding!

If there is one thing I could say about ourselves, we are pros at getting creative solutions when things get too tricky or annoying – like climbing up onto high places without any hands available (in case something happens).

man on DIY walkboard scraping popcorn ceilings

If you read the post about popcorn ceilings, you know that we had this DIY walkboard of sorts that came in clutch for us. So you may be asking yourself….

What are walk boards?

True walkboards are typically used on construction sites. Walkboards are often referred to as scaffolding and are used by construction workers to get from point A to point B easily and safely. Think like when they’re working on a roof or something else too high for me to ever consider doing.
The support is usually made of aluminum as cross bracing is used to keep it in place. Being made of aluminum helps to provide a firm footing that can support a person’s full weight.

Can you use even use 2×12 for scaffolding?

Yes! But for authentic scaffolding, you want to make sure that you are using the highest quality wood that can support a human.

In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that you can use pine boards for scaffolding legally and safely.

HOWEVER, this is not for any kind of construction, so we didn’t need to meet OSHA standards, ya feel me? We had to me “omg-my-arms-are-killing-me-and-I-am-going-nuts-scraping-these-stupid-ceilings” standards.

Which this did.

Want to know how to get your own? Here ya go:


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  1. Lay your 2×12 board down flat.
  2. Set 3 buckets on top – one on each end, one in the middle.2x12 board with 3 orange buckets on it
  3. Drill your screws in.inside of orange bucket screwed to a 2x12 for a DIY walkboard
  4. Turn it over.

lol. that’s it.

Total investment:

Total: $19.64 + tax, tag, title, fees

Now hopefully if you have a smaller project inside your house like painting a ceiling, adding crown moulding or even installing some awesome wallpaper this DIY walkboard can be helpful to you!


DIY walkboard graphic

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