Easy Ikea Step Stool Hack

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Easy Ikea Step Stool Hack

With this easy Ikea step stool hack, you can customize your own step stool and give it a more updated, modern farmhouse look with wood tones and painted legs.

There’s many reasons I’m stoked about writing this. MOSTLY because we are exactly ONE WEEK from our guest bathroom reveal. ONE. WEEK. After a 6 week project turned into 9 months. I can’t even believe it.

I just ordered a steamer to steam our shower curtain so it’s nice and wrinkle free for you guys! Did you hear that? Me. I ordered a steamer. I don’t steam anything, nor do I iron. My idea of ironing is throwing clothes in the dryer with a damp rag to get wrinkles out. I’m not even sorry about that.

ANYHOO! So, we bought the ever famous Ikea Bekvam step stool.

Apparently they also make this in white and black, but we bought the wood because we wanted more of a blank slate.

Supplies used:

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I’m doing my best to get better about taking pictures during projects, but so far, I’m failing pretty hard on that. The good news is there wasn’t a whole lot to this one! All the supplies we used we already had on hand. And after we stained the tops and painted the legs, this is what we ended up with:

I love that the top didn’t stain “evenly”. The imperfections make it look way less boring than the light wood it started with.

While I’m sure you’re captivated by this easy Ikea step stool hack, I hope you’re even more captivated by the sneak peek of the bathroom! Floors! Vanity! EEK! I’m geeking out over here to show you this space soon.

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What do you think about the Ikea stool hack though, seriously? I like that it matches a certain other part of our bathroom you’ll see soon, hint hint.

I’m a sucker for some good Ikea hacks and if you’re interested, here’s 30 more with an Ikea Kallax shelving unit!

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