DIY Wood Bead Garland

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A Kirkland’s inspired wood bead garland DIY project you can make on a small budget, using items you can get shipped to your door from Amazon.

“Dude. I can make that.”

I can’t tell you how many times that’s been said in my lifetime. Now, whether or not I’ve actually made it is another story, but I’ve for SURE said it a bunch. It started when I walked into the biggest and most glorious Kirklands that I have ever seen in my life. On display were a table full of these guys:

I was all

Then I saw the price and I was all

Which is precisely when I said, “Dude. I can totally make that.” Surely a wood bead garland can’t be that hard to make. Wanna see how I did? Keep on’ readin’!

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Supplies needed for your wood bead garland DIY:

  • Depending on your preference, one or two sized wooden craft balls/beads. I used two sizes – 12mm and 20mm. I got mine from Amazon for cheapola.
  • Jute twine. You can get this from DOLLAR TREE, y’all! I just used what I had on hand which was actually two different sizes and colors. Whatever.


  1. If you’re going to make a tassel like I did, wrap the jute around your hand 15-20 times. I didn’t count. I just rolled it around my hand until it felt right.
  2. Once you’ve wrapped it to your hearts content, wrap another piece of twine around to secure them in place near the top. Then, cut your loops so they’ll turn into your fringey pieces.
  3. Taking a piece that is longer than you want your garland to be, loop that through the top or your fringe tassel and secure it with a knot.
  4. Now is the fun/creative part. Bead stringin’ time! String your little heart out. The first few beads will have two strands of your twine going through them because you tied that knot to your tassel, remember?
  5. Once you get to the end of your twine, repeat the same step in making the tassel and knotting it to the other end.
  6. Thread the second strand back through your beads.
  7. Voila! You’re all done! Now, do like every good blogger does and strategically place your own wood bead garland DIY in front of flowers, mason jars, or maybe even a glass container full of soaps you stole from hotels.
    DIY wood bead garland
    DIY wood bead garland

Seriously, though, this was LITERALLY so easy I cried laughing while making it. Whilst wiping my eyes with the money I saved as my own little money tissues.

How much will this wood bead garland DIY project cost us?

  • Jute twine – Had on hand. You can find this at Dollar Tree, guys!
  • 20mm and 12mm beads – Amazon for $8.88.


I paid under $9 for this and have beads left over for another one! Holla!

Would I make this again?

Oh, heck yeah.

until next time, beautiful people

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Easy to make wood bead garland DIY project #woodgarland #beadgarland #easyDIY

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  1. I’m hooked! I’ve seen these and never tried one, but you inspired me to start. I did a quick one without tassels just to get a feel, but I’ve ordered a bunch of beads now and can’t wait to make a bunch more! Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Oh my goodness, Sheri that’s awesome!!! I’m so so so glad it helped!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

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