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Organized Desk Drawers

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The easiest way to create organized desk drawers lined with contact paper to have a unique pop of fun color inside your office work desk space.

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In case you’re wondering, yes, I still feel absolutely great about this year’s One Room Challenge! I loved the idea of this office when I created our mood board design for it, but seeing it come to life little by little has been real fun, especially when I feel not only is this easy for us, but you could create something just as easy for yourself!

Now, hear me out. If you know us or have ever visited us, you are well aware that our house looks like a friggin’ nuclear bomb went off in every room at most times. Except maybe for our guest bathroom and I think it’s because it took us so long to finish it that I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that we can actually use the thing. But I not-so-secretly really love to organize things. I just feel that even a little bit of organization can make something that seems chaotic seem a little more calm. Because I really do plan on using this office on a regular basis, I really wanted to create some sense of organization since I have 3 sets of drawers in our megadesk. I really wasn’t even planning to line these drawers because I didn’t want it to clash with the wallpaper, but then I found this paper at Hobby Lobby.

gold paper roll at Hobby Lobby

I thought it’s the perfect addition to our already gold accents we’re planning for this space and will add a little fun to an already organized desk drawer. I wanted to share with you all the easiest (aka. laziest) way to line your desk drawers.

Supplies Needed to Line Desk Drawers:

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  • Contact paper of your choice (I chose this white and gold polka dots from Hobby Lobby and got it when it was half off!)
  • Glue Dots (I got these and love them. Make sure to get the temporary ones)
  • Scissors (I used a rotary cutter and cutting board, but only because I had it. Please don’t buy one specifically for this, don’t be cray)
  • Fingernails

The Lazy Girl (or guy’s) Guide To Lining Desk Drawers

First, roll out your paper with your pattern side down from as far back as you want it to the front. When you get to the front of the drawer, use your fingernail to make an indention so you know where it ends. This is JUST for the length; we’ll handle the width in just a sec. Another method would be to actually measure the length of the drawer but who wants to do that??

quick and lazy way to line desk drawers

Next, using either a rotary cutter and mat or scissors, cut all the way along the line you created with your fingernail. The really important thing here is just to make sure the line is straight so it will properly fit inside your drawer.

Once your length is correct, roll the paper out again pattern side down and use your fingernail to press it and create a line all the way down the side of the drawer where you will fold your paper and cut off the excess width.

lining desk drawers with contact paper

The next step is super easy. Once you have that folded line, you’re going to fold the paper on itself a few times and sharpen the crease with your fingernail. Maybe I should have just named this post, “Lining Drawers With Fingernails,” but something may have gotten lost in translation there and it could have been weird. contact paper in desk drawers

Finally, take your glue dots and roll out a whole line of the dots for the front and back sides of your paper. Or you can just do one dot in each corner and a couple along the edges, it really doesn’t matter. These are your glue dots. You can get as liberal with them as you prefer. Then place the paper back in the drawer!


It seriously shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes per drawer. 8 max. Then comes the fun part of actually getting to organize your desk drawer. I got several sets of plastic drawer organizers from Amazon so I could have a variety. Below are the 3 kind of organizers I got all from Amazon and they’re perfect for these drawers.

To get these for your own organized desk drawers, click any of these photos below:

organized desk drawers

organized desk drawers

I had these little squatty glass jars from something else a long time ago and they’re perfect for storing random things like paperclips and binder clips alongside the plastic drawer organizer. This again just goes to show you that you don’t have to have a ton of money or even scissors to have pretty organized things. Just some good old God given fingernails and you’re all set!

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  1. Hello! Beautiful office. Love the Ikea hacks. Can you share how you created the desk top? Thanks!

    1. Sure! It’s the easiest thing ever, ha! We just put silicone circles like grips on 4 corners of each desk unit and laid the butcher block on top – that’s it. It’s so heavy that it doesn’t move at all.

      1. Hi there Carmen, you mentioned you use silicone circles like grips for the butcher block table. What are silicone circles like grips?

  2. LOVE this! I haven’t seen pics since you’ve completed the wallpaper and put the desk in place. Looks great!

      1. Hi! I am currently re-doing an office/sitting room and love the 5 drawer organizers you have. I looked on Amazon but couldn’t find them. Also need the navy color as my room is off white/blues. Where did you purchase them?

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