Feet Up Friday – November 2019

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

I know it’s Black Friday, but it’s also 2019 and if you’re still actually going to stores and waiting in line and not just buying everything online, allow me to introduce you to the internet.

This has been an absolute WILD RIDE of a month. Here’s the latest going on with the Smiths:

  • I’m not even going to attempt to tell you all of the Black Friday sales going on because there are entire sites dedicated to that, but I gotta say Target and Walmart are NAILING it this year on the sales per usual.
  • Some of our best friends came to visit us from our old city and it was the most refreshing 2 days I’ve had in a LONG time.
  • Yup. This is evidence of Cherrygeddon part 2. Beads. That have been digested and cleaned and will be added to the bag of cherries I’m saving for this guy.

I know everyone thinks their kids are the cutest but like, he actually just might be.

  • Totally random, but we discovered a new favorite “show” this month. If you guys haven’t heard of Cosmic Kids, this is a kids yoga channel on YouTube and it’s friggin’ brilliant. Char loves it and Jo … well, he loves his version of it.
  • I took Char on a day trip to go see my BFF and we took the little ones to the children’s museum. This is Char as a little baby loan officer and she looks hilarious and extremely accurate including the RBF. Lookin straight up like a Karen who has asked to speak to a manager.

And I leave you with these …

Some people find great furniture to breathe some new life into at Goodwill. This is what I find. Random pictures of sports Jesus. I have so many questions.

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