Feet Up Friday – June 2019

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Time for our monthly life update. You excited? You should be. We’re awesome. We’ve been up to a lot of little projects over here this past month.

In case you somehow missed them, I’m going to make it super easy because I love you and put them all right here:

  • We started planning for our master bath refresh! Work will begin on this soon! And by soon I mean as SOON as my husband’s feet cross over the threshold of our door from Guatemala.
  • I promise I haven’t forgotten about my little coffee bar idea. In fact, I gave you a great way to store k-cups that are off the counter. This project should cost you like $6.
  • Jordan built us a frigging INCREDIBLE farmhouse table and I’m in love, but I think Char loves it more than me. I catch her just sitting at it for no reason doing nothing and it’s the cutest thing ever. Restoration Hardware’s version of this table was four thousand dollars and I’m over here wiping my tears of laughter away with all the dollar bills we saved.
  • We completed our first flip house! Location isn’t the best, but for a little first-time home buyer it’s great! 😉

Random Fun(ny) Facts:

Because I know you guys want to know all the weird stuff because you’re weirdos like me.

  1. I agreed to play piano in somebody’s wedding in September. I haven’t played piano since I was 7. So, I’m reteaching myself piano. Wish me luck and stay tuned.
  2. I have re-fallen in love with Law and Order SVU. I never fell out of love, but I just didn’t watch it for a while. But I watch it almost every day now and they’re just SO GOOD. Olivia Benson is a BAD A.
  3. Jordan has been in Guatemala for a week with our church so we’ve been white knuckling it over here to get through.


Well, Josiah is trying to walk over here in these streets. He also says “uh oh” every 5 seconds. Hilarious.

Also, his favorite thing when he gets up from a nap is to put his lovey’s arm in his mouth and just hold it there. Hilarious.

Char got to go to gymnastics camp this week and she LOVED every second of it. What’s even funnier is that she calls it “janastics” and I refuse to correct her. Hilarious.

She had her first dance recital this month! She did great, but the best part was at the end, all the dads went up and did a choreographed daddy daughter dance and it was worth every single penny we paid for her lessons all year. Hilarious.

Decided to brave Carowinds with 2 kids alone. We have season passes and it’s like 12 minutes from our house, so we try to go often. Me pushing a double stroller in 90 degree heat. Hilarious.

That’s all I’ve got for you, so until next time, keep it weird!

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  1. Snakes Alive! Those kids are cute and photogenic! I’d love to see your first house flip. And I am sure others would too. I look forward to your posts and will patiently sit biting my toenails until the next post. Thanks for the updates!

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