Art of Animation Resort – An Honest Review

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Spoiler alert: Here’s why I think Disney’s Art of Animation is the absolute best Disney World value resort and our honest experience of staying there


Best Value Resort at Disney World and our Honest (Humble) Opinion

We just returned from our first trip to Disney World and while it was our first, I did about 8 months of dooms planning and have a sneaking suspicion we will be repeat offenders.

Here I am just acting like we don’t have a mountain house to freaking finish by the end of the year.

My personality is an over-researcher by nature and so don’t let the fact that we have only physically been once fool you.

little boy wearing we don't talk about bruno mickey ears at art of animation resort

I’ve got the down low from ex-cast members that I know, our Disney travel agent, and some of the best known Disney gurus around.

What Value Resorts Are At Disney World?

Disney World has several value resorts listed on their site, and they all are really fun themed!

  • Pop Century
  • All Star Sports
  • All Star Music
  • All Star Movies
  • Art of Animation

Because we were a family of 5 with a finicky sleeper baby and older 2 who do not get along most of the time, we were limited on our options.

little girl with pigtails and Mickey ears running around art of animation resort

Art of Animation was honestly the only resort that could hold us all – the others only have room for 4 and we needed to be able to at least close off 1 bedroom, although it would have been preferable to have 2 bedrooms to close off.

The type of room we stayed in is considered a family suite which means that everyone sleeps in one space – it’s not 2 rooms with an adjoining door.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

little mermaid art with little girl in front of it standing outside at art of animation resort in disney world

Art of Animation is split into 4 different themed buildings:

photo of Cars building at Art of Animation best disney world value resort
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Lion King
  • Cars
  • Finding Nemo

We were in the Finding Nemo section and it was hands down the best option for us.

photo of finding nemo building at Art of Animation best disney world value resort
giant stingray at art of animation resort best Disney World value resort

The doors right behind this giant stingray were the doors into our room and we were right on this main floor so we were seriously about 15 steps inside, right near the pool.

Although we went in October, it was still plenty warm enough to enjoy the pool!

little girl in bathing suit playing at splash pad in art of animation resort

I got to chase this little one around in the splash pad while dad held on to the other 2 in the bigger section of the pool.

Fun fact: Did you know that the pool at Disney’s Art of Animation resort is the largest in ALL of Disney World? That’s another HUGE plus to this value resort option!

Dining Options at Art of Animation

There was only one food court, but it had everything we needed!

We ate there the first night and the prices weren’t super outlandish.

Dad and I sprung for the $23 cups that you could get free refills for the duration of your stay because we knew we would use them. And we did.

You can get free refills of coffee or soda in those cups at any time!

Transportation to Parks from Art of Animation

woman holding toddler girl with pigtails and encanto disney ears

The transportation options are great from this resort.

Behind baby girl you can see the buses that run to all parks and Disney Springs which is a giant outdoor shopping mall with restaurants and entertainment.

However, our most favorite mode of transportation was definitely the skyliner that we got to take to Hollywood Studios.

2 of Disney’s value resorts – Pop Century and Art of Animation are connected by a little walking bridge and both have access to the skyliner that can take you to Hollywood Studios!

The kids LOVED this option! It was a hit for sure!

Of course you can also take an Uber or Lyft, which we took advantage of when we had our breakfast reservations at Ohana.

minnie van Lyft at disney world art of animation resort

We splurged for the Minnie Van which is a branded large SUV and comes with 2 car seats and a Disney cast member driver.

It’s a splurge at around 3 times the price of a normal Lyft, but since we flew we only had one car seat, so it was our best option.

Finding Nemo Family Suite Photos & Video Tour

When you first walk in, you’re met with a murphy bed that’s set up like a table with 4 chairs which I love!

bed in finding nemo suite at disney's art of animation resort

The you have the first (and only) bedroom which is where Jordan, the baby and I all slept.

interior view of art of animation resort finding nemo family suite

We had a kitchenette that had a mini fridge/freezer combo, microwave and sink that was incredibly handy!

To the side of that was the living space which had the sofa that folds out into a bed which is where Charlotte ended up sleeping since Josiah was sick the first day and a half of the trip.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Disney’s Art of Animation Value Resort

Largest pool at Disney World
Can sleep up to 6 adults, with room for crib in the bedroom
Access to skyliner
2 full bathrooms
Only one eating area aside from food access at the pool
Some buildings are a far walk from transportation (The Little Mermaid)
Beds are not comfy

Of course if your family is smaller or you only have one little one, the best Disney World value resort for you may be something like Pop Century or any of the All Star resorts.

2 girls and a boy in front of lion king art at disney world value resort art of animation

However, since we have the gaggle of kids that we do and since we have to do what we can to keep everyone separated to avoid huge fights or meltdowns, Art of Animation was absolutely the best Disney World value resort for us!

little girl making face at art of animation resort next to finding nemo photo in disney world

Everything was branded really well and Charlotte being the little budding artist that she is LOVED to see all the drawings on the walls from some of our favorite movies!

nemo in anemone statute in the pool at art of animation resort in Disney World

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that Disney’s Art of Animation resort hasn’t seen the last of the Smith crew anytime soon!

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