Fluted Wood Panels: Newest Trend in Accent Walls

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If beadboard and shiplap had a bougie baby, lets talk about the latest accent wall trend of fluted wood!

DIY accent wall ideas for kitchen

When we finished our kitchen renovation, we had this open bar area where it just felt unfinished.

blank wall painted Sherwin Williams Pure White with coffee pot sitting on

It was an area between our 2 tall pantry cabinets, but our issue was that the cabinets didn’t go all the way to the ceiling and the distance to the ceiling wasn’t the same on both sides because of a covered beam that we had.

arched DIY wood accent wall

Since we created an arched wall opening in our hallway, we decided that we would match that arch and do a DIY arched wood accent wall. But we wanted something different.

rattan headboard with floral wallpaper and Behr black bamboo feature wall

We have done board and batten several places in the house including my personal fave – the girls’ shared bedroom.

We’re also working on doing beadboard in Josiah’s room reno that’s *almost* done and I’m loving the look of that so far too, but for the kitchen we wanted to try something different and we went with the wood fluted panels.

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Where do I even find fluted wood panels?

If you’re on the prowl for fluted wood panels, you’ve got a couple of options. Big-name home improvement stores are your go-to for a quick fix. We used fluted door and window casing and got ours from Home Depot.

But if you’ve got a taste for the unique, or you’re itching for something that screams ‘I’m a one-of-a-kind gem!’ then you might want to click your way over to Etsy.

Believe it or not, they’ve got fluted wood panels that have some major character and really cool dimension. (This sample pack of wood panel options looks awesome)

Where to LookWhat You’ll Find
Lowe’s or Home DepotAffordability and convenience; Variety of ready to install options
EtsyUnique, handcrafted, and vintage styles.

Prepping Your Walls

Start with a Clean Slate

The great news about using fluted wood panels as an accent wall is that to prep the walls, you just essentially need to make sure that you don’t have any giant holes or nails sticking out, but this is a great way to cover your existing old ugly wallpaper or weird paint color!

Supplies Needed

man using Ryobi nail gun to nail up pieces of trim for DIY accent wall

This is going to depend on where you’re installing this in your own home, but as a general rule, here are the things you’ll likely need:

Should I Use Glue or a Nail Gun?

wood open shelves in front of DIY accent wall

We used our Ryobi nail gun because we know we are indecisive people over here and if we ever wanted to change it, nails are way easier to take out than construction adhesive because it is less likely to damage your drywall.

But the choice is yours!

  • Adhesive
    • Pros: Quieter, cleaner, no holes
    • Cons: Longer drying time, potentially messier if mishandled, may damage drywall
  • Nail Gun
    • Pros: Immediate hold, less waiting, easier to remove long term
    • Cons: Can leave tiny marks, noisier, requires extra tools
  • Both
    • Pros: Strongest long term
    • Cons: Difficult to remove without creating damage

Cleaning Fluted Wood Panels

Easy. Microfiber cloth. Boom.

Just make sure you get in the grooves to remove the dust.

wine glasses and coffee pods in glass containers on open shelves

I seriously COULD NOT be happier with our choice to do these wood panels. It was something unique and it adds an element of color and texture that we couldn’t have gotten any other way!

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