Shared Girls’ Room Reveal

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Floral and feminine touches, this shared girls room has everything you need when you have a large age gap between your little ones!

Room Reveal:

Shared Girls’ Room Reveal


I mean, maybe for you this is the first time you’re visiting the blog. Which is cool.

But I started the design process on this room WAY before baby Collins came to grace this world with her presence.

Modern and feminine shared girls room and nursery

In case you missed all the details, I shared the entire design, including the design elements that I wanted to use in this room.

And then I tried shopping for it.

*huge eye roll*

Some things I wanted were out of stock and their in stock dates changed 100 times.

Some things I ended up changing and making a game time decision because the reviews were iffy.

rattan headboard with floral wallpaper and Behr black bamboo feature wall

So in the meantime, we created the nursery feature wall because no matter what was IN this room, the nursery wall wasn’t gonna change I was determined.


The stars aligned, the baby girl was 2 months old, we finished their shared closet, and then finally, WE HAVE A SHARED GIRLS ROOM!

Shared Girls’ Room Reveal

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shared girls room with floral and hunter green feature wall with white metal crib and vintage woven headboard


Pardon the little madam in the photo – She was being a little fussy buns while I was taking these pictures and so I had to lay her in here with me so I could take them. I don’t know if you know this but staging and taking photos takes a bit longer than a few seconds of glorious bliss that you see right here.

ANNNNYHOO. Let’s check out some of my favorite details of this space (hint: it’s about every detail tbh).

white nursery dresser with rainbow art above

On this wall is our new white nursery dresser that is way smaller than the dresser we had before, but I really do love it.

I ordered a new hamper on wheels that will match the aesthetic better, but it was supposed to be in stock in August….then got pushed to mid September and I wasn’t going to pause an entire room for that so we are working with the one we have had in here previously.

closeup of changing table with floral changing pad

I’m not going to lie – one of the most wonderful things about this shared girls’ room is that so many touches of it are not purchased by us, but given to us by friends who are much more like our family.

I fell in love with this floral changing pad cover and it was gifted to us by our friends and so I get to think about them every time I’m changing a blowout or other sweet fun things babies do in diapers.

white nursery dresser with rainbow art above

These sweet little canvases we got from Etsy. I found them by accident when I was looking for artwork to hang in our playroom remodel upstairs and immediately had to have it.

split rainbow artwork and saying in the middle

So this split rainbow and sweet little saying came as a set on Etsy for UNDER $10! And then I just had them printed at Easy Canvas Prints that I’ve used before to get photo canvases printed in Josiah’s room and they came out perfectly.

close up of rattan knobs on white nursery dresser

I found these most precious rattan drawer knobs that tied the room together perfectly from none other than an Instagram ad.

They’re from a company called Hirsch and Timber and they’re perfect! I got them in the color caramel and I feel it’s the perfect touch to keep with the vibes of this room.

3 tier rattan storage next to white Ubi diaper pail and white changing table

Beside the white dresser is this rattan 3 tiered storage caddy that I also just wanna give a big ol’ smooch to.

If this looks familiar, it’s because we have the matching 2 tiered storage caddy in the girls’ closet to hold their sweet little hair accessories. Our girls have no shortage of hair from birth and I love it.

closeup of inside of rattan storage holder

Again, I wanted this to be practical, but not look super cluttered or just filled with crap. So we have our burp cloths in here (several of these I made for Charlotte when she was a baby and several others in here that our friends have made for us which again just makes me all teary and whatnot).

burp cloths and rolled up swaddle blankets in rattan storage

The bottom houses swaddle blankets. I have a thing for swaddle blankets in that I can’t get enough. I just love them. And they don’t use them for a long time so I love having them out and being able to use them.

close up of diapers in rattan storage

Up top houses more necessary items.

Diapers, wipes, and cute eye candy like that rainbow teether and that silicone wood bead teether with her name on it, again, given to us by a friend.

That little baby bum diaper powder was also a gift from a good friend.

This little girl was loved SO WELL by so many people.

Ugh. Again. All weepy and whatnot.

white modern sherpa rocking chair with pink throw

Circling around to the corner that is meant to house the most snug sessions.

I found this white modern rocker wayyyyy back in the beginning of this design and….you guessed it – it was out of stock.

The in stock date kept getting pushed back further and further, but it finally was in stock and I snagged it up the second it came back.

These super cute blush knit throws are from IKEA of all places so I got one for each girl.

woven basket with children's books in it with The Office Elementary school book on top

Since we are a reading family, we got a sweet little woven basket to house all the books by the rocking chair.

Also, how amazing is that book that’s all of the characters from The Office in elementary school? I’m SO PROUD to announce that Charlotte loves it. And she loves when I’m watching it on TV and she can name all the characters because they were in her book.

Proud mom over here.

gold dot bedding with white crib sheet and vintage headboard against green nursery accent wall

If you were around for the delivery and hanging of these curtains, you’ll remember that I ordered them thinking they were in a pair only to realize after they were delivered that it was a single panel.

However, I am still in love with these and happy to report that these velvet blush curtains are just as lovely as I could dream.

Once we have this bedding for a bit longer, I plan on doing a full blown review on it because let me tell you – Beddy’s comes at a premium price and it takes a LOT for me to spend money like this. I have hella high expectations and want you to know everything I would want to know, but I want to give them a little while longer in our house before I go through the rigamaroll of all that.

white metal side table with gold legs and cactus plants on it

In between their bed is this white scalloped table with gold legs that came from Target several years ago. We got this for Charlotte’s old room and just kept it since it tied everything in nicely in this girls’ room.

dream big little one book on white table and hunter green wall

So much to explain on this little table.

The Dream Big, Little One was a gift from a friend who knows how important teaching racial diversity is to our kids and it’s never too early to start learning. Even though this book was a gift for Collins, Charlotte LOVES it and can tell you every character in this book and the important role she played in history.

The cacti were actually from our fiesta themed baby shower that was thrown for us by our friends in town! Charlotte loves flowers but ya girl can’t keep flowers alive to….save my life? But cactus are super hard to kill and even though one looks like it’s leaning a bit, they’re still alive and well!

upside down pink umbrella with Mam pacifiers in it with Hatch+ on white table with hunter green background

On this side of the nightstand are baby essentials – the Hatch Rest Plus (which we LOVE) and, like, 1000 pacifiers. You know, just in case.

The cute little upside glass umbrella is something we got for Charlotte’s nursery at an antique store and I love it so much.

white metal crib against a dark green feature wall in nursery

Let’s talk about this super sweet white metal crib for a second. It’s everything I wanted.

Well, it’s everything I wanted….once the one I wanted was out of stock.

I’m telling you guys, this room required a lot of pivots, but I’m still so happy with how it turned out.

(Even though there’s that piece of baseboard missing over there on the left side. Oop!)

white metal crib against a dark green feature wall in nursery with lovey and hamster Warmies in crib

Lady baby doesn’t really sleep in here yet except for naps, but when she is ready, her little deer lovey and hamster Warmie are ready for her.

white metal crib with little girl sleeping

Since I was holding her this entire time taking these pictures, once I finally got her to sleep, I laid her down for a little photo op.

You can’t have a picture of a shared girls’ room or girl nursery without having a picture of said girl in her girl nursery.

shared girls room with floral and hunter green feature wall with white metal crib and vintage woven headboard

I really, really am pleased with how this turned out.

As much as I don’t want this little girl to grow, I really am looking forward to seeing the relationship between the sisters that share this room grow as they get older.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go listen to some sappy music and just cry the rest of the day.

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Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Focal Wall Paint Color: Behr Black Bamboo

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