Jaw Dropping Kitchen Design Ideas

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Rounding up some gorgeous modern kitchen design ideas for our upcoming kitchen remodel! Get a feel for what we are thinking for our space

I’ve never liked our kitchen. Ever.

black appliances and orange brown wood cabinets in a kitchen

There’s not much to like. This was our kitchen when we first moved in.

We painted our kitchen cabinets! See the before and after and find out how we really felt about the process! #sunshineshanty #grosstograndiose

Then I finally got enough motivation to paint the wood cabinets and then it turned into this.

styled open shelving in the kitchen

We removed a single cabinet on this wall and added some open shelving a couple years back and quite honestly, it hasn’t been touched since.

But the time has come to actually completely make this space over.

I sincerely hope that I’m not putting my large foot into my even more exceptionally large mouth when I say we’re actually going to get this project done because it’s a HUGE undertaking and we gotta lil’ girl on the way hopefully that will be here sometime in May or June.

In the meantime, I’ve been going crazy on Pinterest finding all the kitchen inspiration I can to help with things that don’t involve hard labor.

Gorgeous Kitchen Design Ideas I’m Loving

What I love about these designs I’m showing is that even though these kitchens are larger than ours, I think it still can work for a small kitchen design idea like we have in mind!

Proper source for each photo are listed and linked under said photo

General Shape Of Kitchen

white kitchen with stainless steel fridge and black island with sink
via Daley Home Design

While this kitchen has a bit more real estate than our own kitchen (aka we have a small space and this is quite not a small space), the shape is what we’re going for here.

Our fridge will be moved and in the same spot as this one and we’ll have a sink in our island much like this one. I’m getting giddy already thinking about how much bigger this will make our small kitchen feel.

Psst. Do you love the look of vintage or retro kitchen appliances? Check out these options for some of the CUTEST vintage appliances!

Range & Range Hood In Between 2 Windows

white kitchen with gray island and brown wood bar stools
via Tessa Neustadt (photographer) for Amber Interiors (interior designer) as shown here on Apartment Therapy

Besides losing a wall and having to put in a steel beam in our kitchen, the next biggest part of our design is removing our bay window (you can see it here), walling it in and adding a second window and a set of French doors to our back porch.

Yikes. I’m actually very nervous about this, but you can see in this gorgeous design here what we’re going for – a range and range hood in between of 2 windows.

We also plan on putting a couple pendant lights over our kitchen island that look very similar to these too.

Contrasting Island

white kitchen with navy island and brown leather bar stools
via Studio McGee

Ah, Studio McGee. There’s not much they get wrong, do they? Hard to have a Netflix show and a line at Target doing stuff wrong, ya know what I mean?

Anyway, we will be doing white upper and lower cabinets and a navy island much like this. White cabinets and white paint on the walls will hopefully make the space feel much larger and much more open.

We need all the counter space we can get.

Otherwise, where would we put all our kid’s toys, piles of mail, and other things that aren’t supposed to be on a kitchen counter?

White Countertops with Grey Veining

grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops and gold fixtures
via Finding Lovely

I think I’m too chicken to go with colored appliances like she did, and I really want to dive into using vintage kitchen appliances but we are hoping to find quartz like this that’s white with grey veining.

Also the addition of tile on the back side of the kitchen island is a great touch too. I think we’re probably going to be doing cabinets on the back side of ours because we need a ton of storage space.

While we aren’t going with pendant lights like these, peep those fine lookin’ light fixtures above that island. Drool.

Navy Built In Dry Bar

navy built in dry bar with white subway backsplash
via Semi Handmade

Okay, so we don’t really need a separate space to host all of our adult beverages, but in our kitchen we have this wall that we’re going to utilize by creating a dry bar, probably to save space on the countertops in the kitchen and put our coffee makers in this spot.

We may also use this to store extra appliances we don’t use that often or even less used pots and pans. Not sure. Things might get CUH-RAZY over here!

Simple and neutral spring decor shiplap wall painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster

This is the wall in our kitchen when we decorated it for spring a couple years ago.

As you can see on the far left, we have a return vent here that we won’t be able to move, so we’ll have to do something open here so that it’s not blocked on that side.

Pantry Cabinet Next To Fridge

pull out pantry storage in kitchen
via Driven By Decor

And since I’m going to be losing both my new (small) pantry AND our even newer cleaning closet, we have to create a pantry cabinet, but as long as it looks and functions something like this, I think I’ll be okay!

Whew. I’m scared. Send help. And money cuz this is gonna cost a fortune.

Once we have a final footprint of our small kitchen designed fully, I’m hoping to create a post that will show you as much as possible the new layout of our space and give you a better feel for our final kitchen idea!

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  1. Whoa! I am starting the planning process of a similar type remodel…we are closing up 2 windows and a door and creating a new window. Then we are completely re-working the layout of our kitchen, it took me almost 7 months to finalize my design, since the space is tight and I wanted to make sure I had as much storage and counter space as possible!!

    Excited to see how your project turns out!!!

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