8 Stunning Staircase Makeover Ideas

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Scouring the internet for the best staircase makeovers to give me the little push I need to finally get ours started (and finished)

black staircase with runner rug


Staircase Makeovers That’ll Make Ya Sweat

Not me telling you guys in 2020 that we were going to be finally tackling the stairs and then STILL NOT DOING IT.

down the stairs with a carpet runner on it

Our stairs have looked like this since the beginning of time I feel like.

staircase makeover before and after before shot

Jordan took out the handrail on both the wall and the outer edge so we’ve been living like cave people for 6 years.

I snapped these photos before we started our kitchen renovation which is why you see that shiplap wall that we used to have and no longer do.

But this third child we got running around is nothing short of a Houdini and we need something to keep her off these stairs because she can get up them SO quickly.

But enough about us, let me show you what staircase makeovers (most of them DIY!) are totally inspiring me as of late.

Farmhouse Style DIY Staircase Remodel

white stairs with striped runner rug
Farmhouse style staircase remodel DIY via Farmhouse on Boone

These farmhouse stairs are light, bright, and airy. Although I think we may end up leaning towards natural wood or darker stairs, I love this runner rug and the texture it provides on top of the wood stairs.

Black Painted Stairs with Wide Runner

woman walking down black staircase with runner rug
Black painted staircase via Moorehouse Family

I am leaning more towards a runner that won’t span the width of all the stair, but I love the contrast of the colored vintage rug and these gorgeous black stairs has me drooling. Love it. All of it.

Black Painted Stairs with No Runner

black staircase makeover
Black painted staircase makeover via @styleitprettyhome

I love that this doesn’t have a runner because she’s realllllly letting her stairs speak for themselves.

Even though our stairs round to the right and hers round to the left, we have a landing just like this and from the view of the kitchen, all you will be able to see is the 2 stairs and I’m really digging the vibes of having them plain with no rug or runner on them.

Black Stairs With Corner Plant

black staircase with runner rug and
Dark painted stairs makeover with vintage runner rug via Fabella Home

I seriously couldn’t believe the before and after of this stairs makeover and the surrounding area.

Plus her budget for this project came in at around $200 and we won’t even need that much because their stairs were fully carpeted and we are one step ahead with ours being wood! SCORE!

Our stairs have a corner like that and I would love to put a plant there – pending we can also put a baby gate so a really cute nosy toddler keeps her really cute nosy hands off of it.

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Peacock Teal Staircase Makeover with Rainbow Runner Rug

colorful staircase makeover with rainbow runner rug
Colorful stairs makeover via Kaleidoscope Living

I so wish that our stairs were more open and visible. Part of me is so sad that not only are our stairs hidden, but the hand rail isn’t even that visible which means we won’t be showing off our staircase anytime soon.

Howeverrrrr, it doesn’t mean I can’t swoon over this stunning colorful DIY staircase makeover and swoon I shall.

black staircase with runner rug
Black staircase makeover with runner via @katehildreth

Are you shocked?

It’s another black staircase makeover. I bet if I told you that you would win $100 if you guessed which way I’m leaning with our stairs, I would be out a LOT of hundreds.

I love this version because I feel like by using the lighter runner rug it brightens them up some.

shot up the stairs with a carpet runner on it

I feel like with our stairs since it’s in an enclosed space that having the light runner to brighten it up might make more sense for us and our space.

Staircase Makeover with Beadboard Landing

black staircase with runner rug
Black staircase makeover with beadboard landing via Our Aesthetic Abode

Elisha from Our Aesthetic Abode is really good at detailed DIY instructions and explaining things and I’m IN LOVE with her stair makeover.

She also added beadboard to her landing which I think is a really unique idea and then added the runner on her landing as well. Great inspo for us over here!

Light Wood Staircase Makeover

wood staircase makeover with black iron balusters
Light wood staircase makeover via Claire Guentz

Pardon me while I use this super absorbent towel to mop my drool up from these stairs.

These look so much like our floors currently and it just looks so clean and modern and I’m absolutely in love with the vibes these are putting out.

Whew. I don’t know about you, but these stairs makeover ideas got me all up in my feels and those feels are mostly determination.

I feel like this is a fairly easy project and mark my words – when it’s done, I’m going to be mad we didn’t tackle it sooner.

Now to just get started…

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