14 Creative Ways To Decorate an Empty Big Wall

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In this post, you’ll find some big wall decoration ideas to use if you’re stuck staring at a big blank space


Large Wall Art Ideas for Any Space

As our kitchen is finally coming together, now comes the time for some detail work and putting it back together to make it feel like home again.

5 easy steps for a photo gallery wall

We created this grid photo gallery wall right when we moved in, before Josiah even was in the picture.

5 easy steps for a photo gallery wall

We then updated it once baby boy came home and hadn’t touched it since.

Which got my wheels turning about some big wall decoration ideas that we can do since this will now be one giant open living space.

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14 Large Wall Decor Ideas for Any Style

Gallery wall

5 easy steps for a photo gallery wall

I prefer a grid pattern when you have a large wall to cover, but of course the layout isn’t that important.

In our old house, we had different size frames and it was more of a “random” pattern, but it messed with me daily.

Ya girl likes symmetry.

Big tapestry

large abstract tapestry big wall decoration
Tapestry big wall decoration via Making Manzanita

What I love about this large wall decor idea is that they added the tapestry (which was inexpensive) next to another great wall decor idea which could be inexpensive as well which is the slats. It all comes together for a perfect way to fill a large wall in a living space.

shower curtain large wall decor to use as a big wall decoration
DIY shower curtain big wall decoration via BlesserHouse

If you can’t get your hands on a large tapestry, then another great idea would be to use a large shower curtain like Lauren from BlesserHouse did instead! With this, your possibilities for look and feel of a space when it comes to large wall art are endless!

Trim work

rattan headboard with floral wallpaper and Behr black bamboo feature wall

In our shared girls’ room, we used a combination of both wallpaper and board and batten.

Don’t limit yourself to that, though! DIY board and batten is super easy, but you can do a grid wall, picture frame molding, or even wood slats like the picture above with the large tapestry from Making Manzanita!

Large scale wood art

large wood wall art
Natural wood large wall art via Etsy

For more of a natural and minimal look, something simple like this wood wall decor from Etsy is a great option to fill a large blank wall.

If you’re super talented and fancy schmancy, maybe you could paint it one solid color or many colors to make a fun pop of interest.

You’ve seen my biggest DIY fail. I would not be opting for that. Boop.

Giant pegboard

DIY pegboard for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #livingletterhome

I actually did this in Charlotte’s nursery (that existed before I had a blog) and loved having the option to change things around and make it feel like it was a new space.

wood pegboard with plants and shelves used as a wall decor ideas
Modern wood pegboard wall decoration via Vintage Revivals

If you’d rather a more modern or neutral approach, Vintage Revivals has a very easy tutorial on how to create your own pegboard that you can use for hanging purses or bags, adding shelves for photos, or even sticking some cute little faux plants in there as well to liven up your space.


modern and feminine office reveal

In our modern office, we added a removable wallpaper feature wall behind our giant Ikea hack desk and years later, I still love it!

Psst. Want wallpaper but don’t like the price of it? Try this trick to turn fabric into wallpaper for pennies on the dollar!

Plant wall

trellis plant wall large wall decor
Plant wall decor via Apartment Therapy

I so badly wish I trusted myself with a wall of plants, but unfortunately I can’t really even be trusted with one, much less an entire wall.

I love the idea of having a “living” wall of sorts. Adding greenery in your home allows for a seemingly dead or bare spot to come alive, and since you can change out your plants, you can have a different feel depending on the season.

plant propagation wall to use as large wall decor
Propagation wall via Apartment Therapy

Another take on a plant wall is a propagation wall. If you’re trying to propagate plants to put elsewhere or even herbs of sorts, you can use a wall to do it.

Don’t have live plants or want to have live plants? Get some faux greenery stems from a local craft store that you can snip to size and put in here instead.

Console table and mirrors

mirrors as large wall art in an entry way over console table
Console table on large open wall via Architectural Digest

Even if you’re not working in a small entryway, you could always some sort of console table and decor on top to fill a large empty wall.

Here, there is a combination of mirrors and picture frames so it’s got both style and functionality.

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Unique wall art

hexagon art on wood used as large wall decor
Hexagon large wall art via Houseful of Handmade

If you’re looking for a creative way to have your own big wall decoration, this is a super fun option. You could also use pieces of tile, especially if you have some leftover from a larger project.

Wall mural

large wall art forest mural behind bed with white bedding
Wall mural via Twelve On Main

Now, again, I’m not super artistically gifted. I was able to make a piece of DIY abstract art for our playroom makeover so there’s no way I could paint something like this.

But you can actually purchase wall mural wallpaper that you slap up and it looks like this which is a great option. But hey, if you’re a lil’ Picasso, go for it! I will live vicariously through you.

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Engineer prints

3 oversized prints as a big wall decoration
Engineer print large wall art via Angela Rose Home

Another take on a gallery wall is to instead have large engineer prints instead. I love the simplicity of black and white photography for this.

There ya go! Hopefully some of these wall decor ideas that we have done in our own home and some other ideas from other creative souls out there have inspired you to fill up that empty wall with some large wall art of your own.

14 ways to decorate a large blank wall that are cheap and beautiful graphic

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