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Sharing what staples we have in our pantry as well as a printable to help with your keto shopping list, including options and substitutions if you’re dairy free

Since a lot of you have now seen the inside of our pantry after the $100 Room Challenge, I figured I would show you all what we keep stocked in our pantry since my husband and I both eat keto.

Before any of you wig out on me over here, yes I eat keto and yes I’ve been doing it along with my best friend before it was cool. I’m not here to convince you one way or another but I wanted to provide any of you who are already doing the keto diet a list to help get your pantry stocked with keto snacks or what to add to your keto shopping list.

Why do I eat keto?

2 things I unashamedly love are Jesus and science. Jesus cuz of obvious reasons and science because I like cold hard facts. I like things that can be proven. Or disproven. Enter keto.

I have PCOS which is our cause of infertility. Lemme be real – IT FREAKING SUCKS. According to our reproductive endocrinologist, I have a “mild” case of it which sounds really hopeful and cute except for it comes with the caveat that some of the most frustrated women who want to be pregnant have a mild case of PCOS. That’s mainly because any month my body could choose to function and pregnancy is a possibility (if you time it right and the moon is a certain distance from the sun and you dance around in your underwear and tank top with your left boob out only 1 inch and eat 3 sticks you find in your yard and get a vial of tears from a quadriplegic goat).

Maybe that’s a slight exageration but, still. It’s super frustrating.

BUT! There have been so many clinical trials that have shown the effects of how good keto can be for a woman with PCOS. There’s articles and podcasts and white papers galore that you can read, as well as a documentary (The Magic Pill). That documentary sealed the deal for me no doubt. I won’t bore you with that here, but if you want, you can Google it all. So, theres my why. Now on to the good stuff.

What are my keto pantry staples?

I want to preface this as this is NOT an all inclusive, exhaustive list. These are things that I find myself buying over and over again (Shout of praise for Amazon Prime HALLALEWYUR).

If you notice up top several things are not keto. Like formula, obviously. But our lazy Susan is the place where we store extra keto items. We’ve got my favorite brand of maple syrup, Lakanto. Also a new found recent thing – BUTTER FLAVORED COCONUT OIL. So, for all you dairy free keto folks out there in the trenches with me, this stuff takes the place of butter in recipes. I’ve only used it a couple times for cooking but it absolutely does smell like butter and gives that flavor. I haven’t used it in baking because I’m scared for some reason, but I will one day!

On our little risers that we made on the next shelf, you’ll see copious amounts of tuna and peanut butter. Tuna is a great and quick snack or lunch option and the peanut butter is because I make and eat approximately 48 jillion keto peanut butter cookies a week. The recipe I have is ONLY three ingredients and they’re so quick and easy to make. Pro tip: store them in the fridge and enjoy with a cup of coffee. That one was free.


Sorry. You know I had to. But also seriously, we keep nuts stocked. Specifically almonds, peanuts, and cashews. With some, you do have to be conscious of carb count but still they’re a great to have on hand for go to keto snacks! (The popcorn is for the tot, by the way. Not trying to tease you all into thinking you can have that.)

Something else we have as you can see in the smallest hocking jars is we make our own spice mixes! The ones we normally keep are our own taco seasoning mix, ranch seasoning mix, and a “house” seasoning mix. They’re super easy to make and you can control what ingredients are in them. Holla.

Oh, and sneaking out on the right side in that middle sized hocking jar? My favorite (DAIRY FREE) chocolate chips! Oh, sweet Lilly’s. Thank you for keeping dairy free keto people sane. We love you.

keto pantry staples

Okay so the popcorn and chips aren’t keto, but we have a toddler who just can’t live without “orange chips” (aka. barbecue) and popcorn. I used these little white baskets I got at Hobby Lobby to store our bagged stuff (similar ones here but my LORD they’re pricey).

keto pantry staples

When you’re keto, you have weird things like xanthan gum, psyllium husk powder, and drinking chocolate since you can’t have that sugar-filled cocoa packets from the shelf.

keto pantry staples

Yup more weird stuff. Cacao nibs, milled flax seed, and shiritaki noodles (which I didn’t include as a staple but HIGHLY recommend if you like spaghetti!)

So, because I just love you all SO much, I decided to make some printables for you to use in your own pantry or to use the next time you make your keto grocery list. Just tell me how to get in touch with you to give you the super secret password!

I’ve included a dairy free list option which includes things that you glorious regular keto eating people can have that we can not.

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