$100 Room Challenge – Pantry Reveal

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In the final week of the $100 Room Challenge, we reveal our pantry organization refresh that includes budget shelving and shiplap, DIY pantry can risers, and rolling bins for extra storage. A cost breakdown is included at the end.




It’s here! Pantry reveal day. I can’t believe we made it; and ON TIME! Aren’t ya proud?! Literally the first reveal we have done that was on budget AND on time. I mean, our nursery turnaround was pretty quick, but technically we didn’t really have a budget or a timeline other than cheap and as soon as possible. Our guest bathroom renovation DEFINITELY was not on time and we didn’t even set a budget like newbies.

But this! This was different! We did it! We planned. We budgeted. We came. We saw. We conquered! Now, granted, we don’t have so much of a full blown WALK IN PANTRY as we do a kitchen pantry cabinet. Okay, maybe it’s a tall kitchen pantry cabinet, but still. She wittle.

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DIY Pantry Can Storage

Just in case you forgot, this is what we started with:

Not too terrible, but those wire shelves had to go. Here is where we are right now as we speak:


Okay, so, I figured the easiest way would be to go shelf by shelf to kind of show how I organized it.

Up top is our lazy Susan. On a related note, I have an issue calling it a lazy Susan. I like to see the best in everybody. Susan is doing the best she can.

Several of you guys warned against not putting Susan on the top shelf because stuff would just fall off. However, I decided to put our “extras” up here. As in things we don’t use every day and are basically only things we use to replenish our stock when we need it. We’ll see how it turns out! I hope I don’t end up hating this idea, but for the few days it’s been here, I like it so far!

On the next shelf, we have our canned goods on our own DIY pantry can storage risers, which we don’t really have a lot of and nuts. Ha! Nuts. Annnnyway…

For our pantry storage containers, I actually reused the mid sized glass ones from our hot cocoa bar this past Christmas. And they’re from THE DOLLAR TREE! I totally would have done more of those and that was truthfully the plan, but they were nowhere to be found. Big fat bummer.

The tall hocking jars are from At Home and were $4.99 a piece.

The small hocking jars came in a pack of 4 at Home Goods and they were $4 for the entire pack! We make a lot of our own seasonings (taco seasoning, ranch seasoning, house seasoning, etc) so they’re perfect in these little tiny baby jars. Plus, let’s face it – tiny storage containers are cute.

The wooden pantry storage bins with the chalkboard fronts came from the Target dollar spot! Again, we had those on hand but they were $3 each when I originally bought them.

Our next 2 shelves house white iron baskets that I basically stole from Hobby Lobby at the end of the spring season over a year ago for 80% off. These guys were originally $19.99 so I got them for right under $4! When I bought them, I had no idea what I was going to use them for so they sat in storage, but when we decided to redo this pantry, I knew I had to use them!

The only thing I don’t love necessarily is I feel like they can very easily look messy because they’re open, but you know what? I don’t even care at this point. BECAUSE WE HAVE A PANTRY MAKEOVER THAT WE COMPLETED ON TIME.

On the bottom are these crates that we had on hand that we got for free and my husband put casters on them. He also came up with a genius idea and put a pull on each of them that we had left over from when we changed out the hardware on our kitchen cabinets.

As of right now, we are using them to store party supplies and … onions apparently. They’d be great to store potatoes, but we eat keto and potatoes are a no no for us. *Tears of 1000 angels*

Listen, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did because WE HAVE A FRIGGIN PANTRY WITH NO WIRE SHELVES! I can’t believe it.

For what it’s worth, after we finished doing the shelving, it took everything I had to put everything back in it. It just felt so clean and fresh empty. But you know, we have to eat I guess.

Total Cost Breakdown:

*some affiliate links are used for your convenience

  • Wood for shiplap: $51.41
  • Paint: $22.42
    • We had Home Depot color match Benjamin Moore Paris Rain
  • Large glass storage jars from At Home: $16.06
  • Small glass storage jars from Home Goods: $4.28
  • Casters for bottom of crates from Amazon: $12.29

Total Cost:


I’d love to hear what you guys think! Not about the pantry, about the phrase “lazy Susan”. Just kidding. Also about the pantry too.

$100 Room challenge that includes a budget breakdown of how to refresh your pantry on a budget #livingletterhome #pantryrefresh #pantryorganization

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  1. if the messiness of the wire baskets starts to get to you, you could always shape and put a piece of fancy paper on the inside front of the basket and just glue it to the inside of the wire? maybe continue a couple of inches back on each side? I stuff will still stick out the top but that would clean it up a lot and could add some cute color or design!

  2. Stop it. This pantry is pretty much Pinterest perfect. I’m not sure we can still be friends ????????

    Ok for reals you can just come finished mine. That will totally work too!


    1. hahha listen….I never made promises of it staying that way BUT I will say we have done a fairly decent job keeping it nice so props to us. but we are still willing to come do it for you too! ;P

  3. Couple things… First, I love this makeover SO much! I am so incredibly happy that you joined us, and I REALLY hope you’ll join us again! Second, your sense of humor is an amazing gift. Every time I read your posts, I laugh. I so appreciate posts with a little humor added in. So, thank you for always brightening my day. Last (and probably most important) I have NEVER thought about the term “Lazy Susan” ever in my whole life, and now every time I hear it, I’ll think of your amazing pantry.

    1. Hahahaha Erin you’re so amazing. THANK YOU!! I had so much fun doing this with you and will definitely be back!!

  4. Oh Carmen I just found your blog through the $100 Room Challenge and I’m so excited by your pantry reveal! I too have teeny, tall pantry that is unbearable…8 feet tall, 24 inches wide x 23 inches deep and only THREE full size solid shelves. Everything is lost in there except HOPE!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I’m so glad you found me!!! And yes gurl I was like there’s no way we can make this usable and lo and behold we can even in our tiny space! I wish you so much luck!!!!!

  5. This is so cute! I love the use of all the wood, glass, and baskets for storage. I would love to use this pantry on a daily basis! Congrats on a project well done and on time!

  6. Okay, I love your fun writing style! Also, this may be the prettiest pantry I’ve ever seen! I love the shiplap and the wood shelves! Have you thought about doing a keto post? I’ve kind of half-heartedly tried it but can’t get into it all the way.

    1. Beth you are too kind! Funny enough I actually have thought about that!!! Not a full blown what we do because I don’t ever want to force someone or make them feel wrong one way or another but this sparked an idea of “what’s in our keto pantry” kinda deal!

    1. My goodness Angie you’re too kind! Thank you!! I just wish I could leave it empty mainly so I can just see the shelves and shiplap haha but alas we gotta eat 😛

    1. Thanks Nicki!! It was actually way easier than I thought and fairly painless. I believe in you! You can do it! 🙂

  7. Now that you mention it, why Susan? Why not John or Billy or any other name? Food for thought that’s for sure. Pantry looks fantabulous! Really like the crates and you are right…no wire shelving for the win!

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