Last Minute Beach Trip Essentials (Updated!)

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Planning a last minute beach trip with your family or friends? I’m including some essentials to pack so that you can leave quickly but have all your bases covered

Planning a last minute beach trip? Here are some packing essentials to get you on the road quick with all your bases covered!

If you’re looking for the least planned out, most random post I’ve done on the blog yet, congratulations. You have found it. This all started because I got a phone call from my mother in law (who was already at the beach) who asked if I wanted to bring the babes to the beach for a few days.

I mean, since I can do this thang from anywhere, I said sure. I mean, yes it’s supposed to rain all day every day, but whatever. I’m not a spontaneous girl at all, but I found myself running around like an absolute maniac trying to pack what I needed for myself and 2 kids. Now, the kids had probably 5 bags between the both of them – toys, clothes, sound machines, more toys, also all the food.

But for yours truly, I wanted to pack as lightly as possible. Jammies, bathing suit, uhhh, that’s it? Oh, maybe a toothbrush. Ha. So, I threw together as little as possible and we were out the door in under 2 hours. So, this list for you is inspired by our last minute beach trip decision. Here are your bare necessities for what you might need for yourself.

Last minute beach trip packing list

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1. Flippity Flips – I mean duh. Beach, pool, dinner at a 5 star restaurant. Number one need here.

2. Insulated cooler bag – Rolling a big old cooler on a beach is hardly necessary. Throw this guy over your shoulder and stick everything you need food and drink wise in it.

3. Insulated cup – The one I linked is from Walmart because who has Yeti money or wants to find one of those last minute, ya know?

4. Cute beach towel – Target is your spot for these guys. I love their selection of beach towels every year. However, I have also found some really cute beach towels from Walmart in the past couple years!

5. Sunscreen – Or as Charlotte used to call it, “sunscream.” I linked my favorite for use for myself and older kiddos. For little littles, I love using this brand of sunscreen.

6. Bathing suit cover up – AKA a dress to wear everywhere else you go other than the beach. I have a bathing suit cover similar to this one and literally wear it all the time. As an outfit. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

7. Mesh tote – Okay, mesh is a necessity at the beach. BECAUSE SAND. I love the beach and all but sand can kiss my rear. I hate it. It gets everywhere and stays for PHYSICAL YEARS. How does this happen? At least with a mesh tote you have more of a chance for its earlier demise and escape.

8. Waterproof phone pouch – Again, SAND. Enough said.

9. Foldable beach chair – I know some of y’all trying to look cute and lay out on a towel and stuff, but let me remind you – SAND. I despise it getting in all the nooks and crannies of this body. So, I’ll keep my butt off of it as much as possible, thank you very much. Plus when it gets too hot, you can also move it towards the water and cool down.

Now, listen, of course I didn’t include things like a bathing suit or underwear, but if you can’t remember stuff like that I can’t help you. Speaking of, where did I put my bathing suit? Crap…

While I look for it, why don’t you tell me if you have ever done a last minute beach trip? Or just a last minute trip anywhere?

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