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Clean your gross bathroom countertops in under 5 MINUTES with this clean with steam method. You’ll love this cleaning hack!

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Bathrooms have a weird place in my heart. While they provide hilarious sounds at times, cleaning them is no laughing matter. In fact, one might say I shed tears at the idea of having to clean our bathrooms. You would think that after completely gutting and redoing our guest bath that I would want to clean it more often because it’s pretty. Well, if you thought that, you would most certainly be wrong.

Still hate it. Because of that, I’m always looking for ways to do a bathroom deep clean fast. You guys should know we ain’t paying for any cleaning services in here. This is a DIY blog and you should know our “cleaning services” are also DIY. But I am here today to share with you my favorite tool for clean bathrooms! You’re gonna LOVE it!

How to Clean With Steam

Okay, so don’t you dare judge me for these pictures coming up because when you signed up to read this blog, you knew there was a lot of unfiltered things up in here. Our house is actually RARELY clean. In fact, more times than not, our bathroom looks like this:

Don’t get me started on red laminate countertops. JUST WHY? Don’t worry, they’ll be going bye bye real soon since we’ve started working on refreshing this space. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! I know whoever ends up living in our house when we are gone one day will ask the same thing. I can hear it now. “Shiplap? JUST WHY?

Say hello to my little friend. His name is Wilbur. Wilbur the Wagner 915 Steamer is what his birth certificate box says, for those of you wondering. I originally wanted this little guy because I saw someone using it with an attachment that turns this into a wallpaper steamer. Since most of our walls had MULTIPLE layers of wallpaper that had been painted over time and time again, I knew I just wanted to get rid of the wallpaper altogether at some point when I’m mentally prepared.

There are tons of things I love about Wilbur, but not only does it steam wallpaper, but you can also use it to clean with steam too! What I love is that you fill it with water based on how long you want to use it. So, if you want to clean with steam for 15 minutes, you put a certain amount of water in it. Helps to not be wasteful with water which is awesome.

Then you screw the top back on and flip the power switch to the on position.

wagner 915 power steamer review

When you first turn it on, it has 2 lights that come to show you it’s working. Now, I recently got a handheld steamer from Amazon that I really love and that thing is pretty loud to be so small, so I was expecting this to be super loud while it got the water ready. Well, if you saw me using this on Instagram stories, this thing didn’t make a PEEP. So much so I was about to draft an email and tell Wagner I think mine was broken.

But then the red light went off which meant it was party time with Wilbur! Let’s get this bathroom clean with steam! Well, the countertops at least.

wagner 915 power steamer

Candidly, this part was extremely loud. There’s just SO much power and steam coming out at one time. I will say that I could only do this in spurts because it was so loud it started making my ears ring which was painful but the best news was how QUICK it cleaned the countertops up. After less than 5 minutes of work, I then got a microfiber cloth to wipe up the steam and water and JUST LOOK:

wagner 915 power steamer review

I was secretly hoping this would somehow steam the red color off, HA! But alas, it didn’t. It did leave them sparkly clean, though, and I’m okay with that. We will handle the color soon enough.

Update: We handled the countertop color and it’s no longer red!! Come see this super easy DIY project to turn these into gorgeous countertops!

deep clean bathrooms
clean bathrooms quick
clean bathrooms quickly

The tip we used was so good at getting in the little cracks, crevices and corners of both the sink, but also the ALUMINUM STRIPS along these edges. (Again, why?) It was in our guest bathroom too and I could NEVER keep it looking clean.

Overall, I’m insanely pleased with this guy! It’s so lightweight, easy to transport, and cleanup is a breeze. I love the idea that to clean with steam all you need is …. well, steam. I am thinking this will also be a great way to keep the floors clean since it has an attachment for that too. Seriously, this thing has it all! Wilbur is a hard workin’ fella. Who needs cleaning services now?

What are some of your favorite time saving cleaning hacks? I’d love to hear! Don’t forget to save this below so that you can get your own easily deep cleaned bathrooms in a hurry!

*This post was written in partnership with Wagner, but as always all opinions are 100% my own.

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