Layering Doormats for Fall: How To Guide

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Inside: The trend of layering doormats and how to get the look for fall to add pizazz to your porch decorating!


How To Layer Doormats for Fall

Our front porch leaves much to be desired.

We have double doors (that aren’t even real double doors – one is a dummy door) and zero landscaping.

I have high hopes for this house like adding a full front porch that is the whole width of our house, changing the color of our siding and getting somebody in here to help us with landscaping since I know NADA ZIP ZILCH about it.

What I do know a little bit is layering door mats and so today I’m sharing the same with you fine people!

Why are people layering doormats?

Honey, your guess is as good as mine. Why do people do anything these days? Because it’s trendy and this idea is actually pretty budget friendly too.

Plus you can affordably change out the styles of your layers every few months or even seasons by just replacing your cheap doormats.

We may not have it in the budget right now to build and add on a whole entire front porch, but I do have the budget to add a couple fall doormats. The problem is with all the cute ones I’ve found I’m not sure which one.

How do you know what size you need for your doormats?

When you’re looking for doormats, especially ones to layer, you will want to make sure that you measure first.

Regardless of the size of your door, you want to make sure that there’s about 3-4 inches peeking out of your bottom layer doormat.

You want to be sure that when you’re layering doormats that you can see both doormats, but that your top layer isn’t too tiny and your bottom layer isn’t too big.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect science, but you want it to be aesthetically pleasing so the 3-4 inch difference in rug sizes is a good rule of thumb.

Layered Doormat Ideas For Fall

Of course you can layer a doormat in any season, but today we are here to talk about fall.

Sweata weatha.

Layered Doormat Ideas for Fall

Consider fall colors

When you think of fall, you think the colors you see out in nature. Colors like browns, natural tans, burgundy, oranges, yellows, forest greens, etc. Even black is a fall color because black can be an any season color.

The year I did a black and white flocked Christmas tree was one of my favorite trees we’ve had yet.

Utilize these colors in your fall mats. You could either use a solid color for your base layer or you could incorporate a mix of colors in the base layer for a fun layered look.

Here are some great mats that you could use for your bottom layer in some great fall colors (but could actually work for year round too!) You can click on any of the photos below to be taken right to the page to purchase:

Use mats of different shapes

Mixing up the shapes can really add interest to your doormat layers and give them a more unique and interesting look.

Adding a square or rounded doormat on top of a rectangular doormat can create a cool layered look that can be more dynamic than just using two mats of the same shape.

Here are some non-rectangle doormats that aren’t hideous:

Don’t limit yourself to just using a doormat

Remember that outdoor rugs are designed to be outside. So if there’s a specific color doormat you want to use and you can’t find it, try searching for an outdoor rug instead! There are tons of places to find outdoor rugs that you can use for the fall season.

I would recommend, however, that if you’re going to go with a rug, use that as your bottom layer when layering your doormats. You’ll want an actual doormat that you can use to get dirt and leaves off of people’s feet as your top layer.

Here are some of the best rugs to use as a bottom layer doormat:

Keep your bottom layer neutral

Regardless of what color you choose for your layered look doormat, you want to make sure that your bottom layer is your neutral layer. Think of it as a neutral paint color and you want to add your pops of color with decor accessories (which in this case will be your top layer of your doormat).

Remember neutral doesn’t mean just a solid color. There are tons of “neutral” doormats that are striped or have different designs.

Here are some of my favorite neutral doormats that would make a great bottom layer when you’re trying to layer your doormats for fall:

Show your personality

This is the fun part. Yes you can have different sizes or shapes for your top layer mat, but you can also have a mat that says something funny or shows the visitor a little taste of what it might be like inside (read: chaos).

In our house, we do funny. I love funny signs and saying instead of the “gather” or “Eat Pray Love” or whatever it is that’s in every single aisle on something at Hobby Lobby.

would poop here again sign on open wood shelving

I like funny bathroom signs.

let's get lit fall printable with candle

I like funny printable art that makes me chuckle because it’s my personality and if you’ve met my husband or any of my kids, it’s proving to be their personality too.

Here are some of my favorite fall doormats that have left me giggling over here on this side of my computer:

Examples of Layered Doormat Ideas for Fall

Now the hard part is choosing which ones you want and then layering them yourself for a festive fun fall look. Here are some ideas to hopefully get you started:

your how to guide for layered doormats for fall graphic

Layering doormats for fall can be a lot of fun and add some personality to your front porch. Have fun playing around with different designs, shapes, and sayings for a creative fall look!

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