Easy Nursery Organization Ideas That Really Work

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Many mamas have a hard time figuring out how to organize their nursery in a way that makes sense. Here are some easy ways to keep things organized and clean in your new baby’s room, no matter how small it may be!


Nursery Organization Ideas

No one likes a messy nursery. 

Especially when you have a messy….rest of your house. All the time. I know I give a messy house tour once a year, but it really looks like that 90% of the time.

Most people are so overwhelmed by the idea of organizing their baby’s room that they don’t even know where to start.

(It’s me. I’m people.)

There’s just too much stuff! And it seems like there’s no space for anything! It doesn’t have to be this way, does it?

I’ve put together some easy and affordable ways you can organize your nursery without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out. These ideas are what I did in our shared girls’ room.

They will make your life easier and keep things tidy in an adorable way. You’ll be able to relax knowing everything has its place—and everyone is happy!

Think of the flow of your room

Keep necessities within arms reach. Nothing is worse than a baby with a blowout diaper only to realize you have to walk a mile to get clothes from their closet because you didn’t put them closer to you.

shared girls room with floral and hunter green feature wall with white metal crib and vintage woven headboard

When designing your nursery, keep in mind the diaper changing station, lighting (like an extra lamp for you to see what you’re doing), storage bins for easy access to everything from blankets to diapers.

Planning out your nursery will help keep things tidy and organized. It’s a lot easier than just throwing a bunch of stuff in the room and hoping it works out well. Even if you’re not typically a “room planner” and just wing it, think of your nursery as a place to figure it out and get organized.

If you take the time now, it will save you hours later!

Be flexible

It’s better to go in with an open mind and understand that as you get into a rhythm with your new baby, the nursery organization will evolve. You’ll figure out what works and doesn’t work for you and your baby as the days, months and years go by.

Be flexible with how much storage to have or where to put things. Make sure to consider permanent structures such as a built-in bookshelf or closet system (if that’s in the plans) because you’ll want to take that into account when deciding how to set up your nursery.

You can always move furniture around, hang things on the walls and change storage options—that’s just part of living in a house with a baby!

Have multifunctional furniture

This is crucial, especially if you’re working with a shared space like we are.

We absolutely did not have space for a separate changing table so that wasn’t even an option. The dresser we had in her previously when this was just Charlotte’s room was great, but too big since we also needed a rocker in here.

white nursery dresser with rainbow art above

The white nursery dresser we have in here now is great because it can store clothes long term, diapers short-term and everything in between.

Utilize overhead bins in the closet

These are the best in helping keep your closet organized! You can store all kinds of things up there. I would just suggest to store things that you don’t really need on a regular basis.

girls clothes hanging in a closet with white walls and a white wood shelf and pink storage baskets on the top

I tried storing bathing suits up there and quickly realized this summer we used them too much and it was annoying.

So now, up there we have extra loveys, gloves/hats/mittens, baby “memories” (pregnancy tests, hospital bracelets) and then we have next size up clothes for Collins. Since our nursery closet is not just a baby closet, we have to make sure that it makes sense for both girls.

Underbed/Under crib storage

pink rug with white underbed storage container from Ikea

These underbed storage containers I found at Ikea work wonders for under the girls’ beds.

Under Charlotte’s bed, I have 2. One houses long sleeve shirts (which will soon be switched out in a couple months) and the other has bathing suits.

Ikea underbed storage with girls' clothes in them

I also added these dividers in there from Ikea that fit perfectly in there.

under crib storage from Ikea

In Collins’ under her crib, I store a crap ton of extra wipes but you can store anything you need.

Set up a feeding nook

Otherwise known as snuggle central.

white modern sherpa rocking chair with pink throw

It’s super frustrating when you’re feeding a babe and realize that you need something that’s all the way across the nursery.

3 tier rattan storage next to white Ubi diaper pail and white changing table

What makes a complete feeding nook is to have what you need within hand’s reach. Because ours is right next to our rattan tower full of diapers, burp cloths, wipes, and swaddle blankets, there’s not much more I should need.

Add a blanket and somewhere to prop your feet up for when you want to close your eyes for a minute and you’ve got yourself a perfect little feeding nook!

Get a rolling utility storage cart

portable pumping station rolling cart

This has come in clutch many more times than I can count, especially with 2 other kids. I have it set up with the daily necessities that I need and I keep it in the living room next to the couch in what I’ve dubbed the “baby corner.”

Her swing is also here so everybody knows mama sits on this side of the couch and it houses things like extra pacifiers, diapers, wipes, and burp cloths.

Don’t forget about a hamper

The baby clothes are tiny, but a plenty. And when you have 2 girls sharing a room, the laundry situation is even more dire.

white nursery dresser with rainbow art above

We have one big hamper that stores all the clothing items for both girls that need to be washed. That way, I don’t have to go digging in a basket every time we change a baby and make sure that everything is clean before putting it away.

Seriously, it’s a hamper. It holds clothes and I empty it. That’s about it, but it helps so much when it comes to nursery organization.

Find a place to store blankets/swaddles

As if we weren’t already a blanket family enough, we now have a stock pile of swaddles to rival all others.

Having a designated place for these is great when you want one, but don’t know which one.

burp cloths and rolled up swaddle blankets in rattan storage

I love the tiered rattan storage that we got from World Market to hold her swaddle blankets because they’re visible but don’t look cluttered.

What is the best way to organize a nursery?

The best way to organize a nursery is what works for YOU and your family. I can give you tips and tricks for what worked for us, but everyone has different needs!

For example, our house is on the larger size (2200 square feet), but our closets are very small which means we are actually lacking in storage space. We’re hosting 2 little girls in the same room so if I had my way, everything would be organized by color themes and I would spend all our money on replacement paper for my label maker. I know, crazy right?

how to fold a onesie gif

But instead, I’ll settle for being able to roll little baby onesies and fit them neatly in a drawer!

Organizing your nursery is a lot like organizing any other room in the house…except there’s more stuff. The point of it all is to make sure that you’re not wasting time looking for things and everything has its own place, so having some kind of plan ahead of time will save you from headaches later on down the road when your baby arrives.

girls clothes hanging in a closet with white walls and a white wood shelf and pink storage baskets on the top

Hopefully these tips will give you a good idea about how to get started with getting your nursery set up in a flow that works for you! Now go get organize some baby clothes!

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