Efficient and Stylish: 10+ Over the Washer and Dryer Shelves for Your Laundry Room

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Storage space in laundry rooms is necessary and if you need some inspiration, here are some photos of great ways to add over the washer and dryer shelves in your laundry room!

white mermaid tile in laundry room with wood shelves


Adding up our own laundry room makeover and the laundry rooms we have designed for our flip houses, we have over a dozen laundry rooms under our belt and they all have one thing in common.

Easy open shelves over the washer and dryer.

Nobody likes wire shelving and there are just so many better options out there and so I wanted to share with you some solutions that not only we have done, but some that talented internet people have done as well!

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Shelving for Over the Washer and Dryer In Your Laundry Room

Wall to Wall Wood Shelves

over the washer and dryer shelves with black sconces

In our laundry room, we opted for super easy plywood shelves that we stained and sealed.

It’s always a good idea to seal wood anytime you’re going to have it near water. Although water won’t be near these shelves, if something leaks out of your bottles or cleaners, you wouldn’t want to run the risk of it ruining your wood.

open wood shelves with 2 black sconces on white wall

Our first flip house was super small, but when you come in the side door, you enter right into the mudroom/laundry room area.

We added shelves exactly like the ones in our own home to this house so that it was ready for its new owner.

Folding Shelf

folding shelf over white washer and dryer
via 11 Magnolia Lane

If you’re short on space, this budget friendly option is a great choice.

This is a single shelf over the washer and dryer that actually can flip up so that you can have it out of the way if you don’t need it!

Single Shelf and Cabinet

butcher block shelves with white cabinets over washer and dryer
via Driven by Decor

Y’all know we love an Ikea hack around here!

Just a few Ikea hack projects we have done:

These are Ikea cabinets with a wood shelf on top of the washer and dryer in addition to the wood shelf within the cabinets.

A great budget friendly option if you’re not too interested in a full DIY project.

Painted Cabinets and Open Shelves

painted cabinets and shelves over washer and dryer
via The DIY Nuts

Another option when it comes to shelves over your washer and dryer is to paint the shelves and cabinets the same color instead of staining them.

This is where you can get real super creative and paint them a fun color! Not that I’m trying to sway you either way, but Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is hands down one of my favorite colors if you like mainly neutrals but want to try color.

Industrial Farmhouse Style Shelves

industrial pipes holding up wood shelves on shiplap wall in laundry room
via Simply 2 Moms

If you like more of the industrial style, nothing beats wooden shelves with pipe brackets.

I love the idea of adding a hanging rack as well to maximize space in a smaller laundry room.

Basket Storage

washer and dryer with storage baskets over it
via The Brain and The Brawn

You get a shelf! You get a shelf! Everybody gets a shelf!

These are custom builds, but totally doable if you have a large enough space for it.

We love to see baskets for organizing and hiding things in a laundry room so that you aren’t having to see all the random things you have to have in a laundry room.

Stained Plywood Floating Shelves

blue shelves with white laundry baskets and open shelves over the washer and dryer
via Honey Built Home

Stained plywood as your shelves for over a washer and dryer is a really budget friendly way to add storage in your laundry room.

You can either add brackets to support if you’re spanning the full length of your walls or you can drill them in to the sides of your cabinets and into the studs of your wall using pocket screws.

white washer and dryer with wood shelves over it with purses hanging on the wall
via Young House Love

If you’re a beginner at DIY, this would be a great project to try!

If you’re new, you might be wondering the difference in types of saws so we helped you out by writing a comprehensive guide to a table saw vs. a miter saw to help!

Sink + Shelves

blue painted cabinets in laundry room and wooden shelves over laundry room sink
via Noelle Interiors

We added a sink to our own laundry room and I promise you it gets used almost as much as our kitchen sink. I LOVE it.

Having shelves over the sink is even better because then you’re not cluttering up the very little counter space you have in there.

Monochromatic and Neutral

white over the washer and dryer shelves with white washer and dryer and towels folded sitting on top
via Haefele Design

We are huge fans of whites and neutrals in our house and in flip houses we help design.

This monochromatic look of white and white and more white feels clean and crisp and feels ready to be messed up with the tons of laundry that is produced constantly.

Colored Shiplap Accent Wall

vertical shiplap and washer and dryer with wood shelf over it
via Abby Organizes

We have been known to love a shiplap feature wall or 6.

We even found a super cheap way to install faux shiplap to make it look real!

We added a shiplap feature wall in our first flip house and actually used shiplap as the kitchen backsplash of our second flip house!

Needless to say, seeing shiplap behind shelves over a washer and dryer in a laundry room is something right up our alley and can be a great way to break up a plain boring wall.

Simple Brackets

white washer and dryer and wood shelves with white brackets over it
via Young House Love

Another simple idea is to add shelves in addition to your existing cabinets.

Any time you add storage shelves in a smaller space, you can maximize that storage space and draw the eyes up so that they’re not focused on clutted surfaces.

Hopefully this plethora of shelving solutions over your washer and dryer can help get your wheels turning and give. youa fun new simple project to keep your laundry and all your detergents and stain removers out of sight!

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