Mid Century Modern Big Boy Room Design Plans

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Ideas to create a mid century modern space for a toddler boy that can grow with them into the teenage years

mid century modern big boy room graphic showing design elements


MCM Big Boy’s Room Plans

Poor Josiah lolz.

gender neutral nursery for boy design with sherwin williams agreeable gray walls

He came into our family so quickly that it took me a couple months after he was born to finally finish his room.

white metal crib against a dark green feature wall in nursery

Then little sis joined our family so we focused on creating a shared girls’ room (that I still love so much).

little boys sitting at table lighting candles of birthday cake

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating this boy’s 4th birthday trash bash style and yet when he comes home, his room is just a hodgepodge of Charlotte’s old stuff.

Planning a toddler boy’s bedroom is TOUGH!

Everything is dinosaurs or construction trucks and while Josiah would DIE over a trash themed bedroom, I just don’t think it’s the journey I want to go on because my goal is to create design (even for kiddos) that can grow with them for at least several years.

dinosaur sheets and green comforter on white Ikea hemnes daybed

This photo is the most recent one I have of his room from our annual scary house tour because I tend not to photograph rooms that aren’t cute (cough cough our primary bedroom cough cough).

So lemme shut up now and share the plans we *are* going to do for his big boy room cuz I’m pretty excited about it!

Josiah’s Big Boy Room Plans

mid century modern toddler boys room graphic

I am seriously GEEKED OUT for this room.

Full disclosure, his rug and wallpaper came in already and I’ve absolutely just looked at it a million times itching to get this project started.

Design Elements

mid century modern big boy room graphic showing design elements


For paint colors in the space, I’ll be getting rid of his SW Agreeable Gray walls and replacing them with a softer white that we have in the rest of our house after our kitchen renovation – Sherwin Williams Pure White.

tan couch up against the wall with 3 framed photos of illustrations of kids

We have been full on believers of Sherwin Williams Alabaster for a long time, but after our kitchen reno, we repainted with Pure White and I love it.

The part I’m MOST excited about is using Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige on all the trim, doors, and the beadboard!

I have always LOVED the look of painted trim and have been too scared to commit but I’m all the way in and I’m SO STOKED to try it in here.

Furniture Staples

Bed – You guys, I was SHOOK when I found this mid century modern bed from WALMART and the price was SO LOW I thought it was a joke.

Fun fact: I actually was SO hoping that we could put 2 twin beds in here so when he has little baby boy sleepovers, his friends could have a bed as well, but it just would not fit in the space no matter how hard I tried. Sad face.

Bedside Table – It’s so crazy to me that the nightstand that we chose to go with his bed isn’t from the same brand or store, but it matches so well!

Dresser – Why is finding a dresser SO FREAKING HARD? We are putting our entire primary bedroom refresh on hold because we can’t find a dresser we love. Ugh.

Anyway, it took us forever to find a dresser and while we sourced it locally and it’s actually vintage, this MCM dresser from Wayfair is pretty similar and could be a great option for you if you can’t find one that’s vintage locally.

Textiles and Accents

white antler chandelier

Brass Flush Mount – His white antler chandelier has been a staple in his room since he was a baby and we have loved it.

But it totally doesn’t fit the new vibe of his new room, so we will be replacing it with this brass flush mount light.

Wallpaper – This entire room was created around this plaid wallpaper and the comforter he already has because it is a great color palette that doesn’t scream little boy, but is also colorful enough to still feel fun while he’s younger.

Rug – I would be super nervous about having a cream rug in his room but 1, I have a good upholstery cleaner and 2, we don’t wear shoes in the house so I’m hoping it won’t be that big of a problem since we don’t have food or drinks in his bedroom either other than water.

Curtains – Another star of this show that I absolutely can not WAIT to see up are the velvet mustard curtains. These are the same brand of velvet curtains we used in the blush color in the girls’ room and I am SO pleased with the quality.

We will still have to do a little DIY blackout curtain action like we did in his room before and also in the girls’ room because they’re room darkening, but not blackout.

I’m still sourcing prints or other little decor things in his room, but I’m not trying to do too much because let’s face it – he’s about to be 5, he’s a boy, and he couldn’t care less as long as he has his collection of garbage trucks.

mid century modern big boy room graphic mood board

I can’t wait to see this space come together!


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