Scary House Tour 2021

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Inside: BOO! EEK! YOWZA! See what our house actually looks like 99% of the time in a fan favorite annual scary house tour


Scary House Tour

It’s that time of year again!

Every year I like to take you on a tour of our house in its current state – no styling, no staging, no moving anything out of the way.

The first time I did this it (accidentally) fell around Halloween and thus the idea of the first scary house tour was born.

I want you to see that if your house looks like mine, you’re not alone. Just because we do house projects and can make a house look as good as our sweet little first flip Beverly, our house looks nothing like that. Ever.

You’ve been warned.

The Living Room

living room with baby play mat in the floor

The more I look at this the more I notice, but seriously I went through photographing AND editing and JUST noticed the DIY wood Christmas tree I made LAST YEAR….still on the mantle. I’m this far. It’s gonna stay and be a part of this year’s decor, I suppose.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore painted doors with open wall studs showing with baby sleep gown hanging on it

“Are you going to show everyone our ghost?” – Jordan.

It’s lady baby’s sleep gown that’s hanging up to dry on a nail on our exposed beams because another year of our scary house tour and we still have no walls.

clothes drying rack full of clothes

Just another view of the same mess. To be fair, we are TRYING to clean here at least. We don’t dry most of our clothes so this clothes drying rack is out about 90% of the time because we are doing laundry about 90% of our days over here.

The Kitchen

World Market Everett foyer table with big black clock on shiplap wall

I love this foyer table. I really really do. She’s been all dressed up for spring and we did some fall decor on her too and she’s lovely. But she has to put up living in this house and typically she’s just covered in crap.

Restoration Farmhouse inspired dining table covered with clothes and other crap

This is exactly why I have a hard time paying thousands for furniture pieces. Because they end up looking like this.

To be fair, lady baby is growing out of things (moment of silence) so I’m washing her baby things and getting ready to either donate them or save them for a future little one, should be we so lucky.

fridge with letter magnets and clutter on counters

Let’s just say I’m glad Charlotte is the last one who messed with those letters. Because J and I have been known to creatively spell adult things on there on occasion.

The Laundry Room

build in washer and dryer with white top and clutter on top

Eh. Not too bad.

Just another surface that will never ever stay clean.

The Guest Bathroom

bath toys in white vessel sink

I’m getting deja vu because last year, I took a picture very similar to this with different toys in this sink. This is where we put them after bath to let them dry out so the next person doesn’t step on them since Charlotte is old enough to shower now.

white ruffle shower curtain open in bathroom with white subway tile

Surprisingly, our guest bathroom doesn’t look too terrible at the moment.

However, if there were smellovision. We have a potty trained 3 year old boy but said 3 year old boy likes to pee on the floor FOR FUN (????) so it smells like pee in here ALL the time. I can’t figure out why. I’ve deep cleaned this bad boy so much and can’t get the smell to go away so hit me up if you can figure it out.

Josiah’s Room

glider rocker and double doors painted sherwin Williams iron ore

We are talking through his big boy room and getting rid of that chair in here, but we haven’t come up with a room design so it’s staying for now.

faux fiddle leaf fig and Chick fil a cardboard french fry box

Faux fiddle leaf fig. Random Chick Fil A fry box (which is what we use as moving boxes). Seems legit.

Josiah Phoenix wood sign over Hemnes Ikea daybed

Poor kid. He’s got Charlotte’s old bed since she got a new one. We got him new bedding, but we need to do a full revamp of his room soon. Maybe we can add that to my list of house projects we want to complete in 2022!

Collins and Charlotte’s Room

changing table with clothes on top of it

Well, after waiting almost 6 months their new clothes hamper came in a couple days ago and it’s already completely full of clothes.


Since Charlotte has had her bedding, she will make her bed most mornings with a nudge of a reminder.

Collins doesn’t really sleep in here except for her naps so during the day her little bed just gets stuff thrown in. We keep her seat and diaper bag at the foot of her bed to keep it out of the way. Sort of.

white changing table with rattan knobs and rainbow art above it

All things considered, their room isn’t TOO terrible.

Primary Bedroom

Ikea hemnes white king size bed

Yeah. We’re not the “make your bed everyday” kinda people.

We totally are the “leave the free DIY spring printable wall art on your room for almost 2 years and not change it out seasonally” kind of people though.

I’ve really been wanting to add a large piece of art similar to the DIY abstract art I did for the playroom, but we just haven’t made it here yet.

closeup of nightstand with baby lotion, Owlet sock and a single pink baby sock

Single baby sock. Clock that doesn’t work. Another pair of baby socks. Random bobby pin. I’ll stop. You can keep going.

If my entire life could be summed up in a photo, it would be this.

nursing bra hanging on door handle

Okay and maybe this photo too. Nursing bra and baby towel hung on the handle of the stunning DIY barn door we built.

Primary Bathroom

bathroom counter with clutter on top

I had a picture almost identical to this last year except I was just in the beginning stages of my daily injections being pregnant with Collins.

Now she has been born and home living with us for 5 glorious months and for some reason, I still have these needles out. Going through infertility does some weird things to your brain and I’m not ready to let go of them (I know. I know. It’s weird. Blame it on the traumaaaa).

The Office

Ikea Latt table with kids art supplies on top

Greeting me in my beautiful office is….more kid crap.

I redid their Ikea Latt table and it’s safe to say the kids love it too.

messy room with white Studio McGee chair in the cornre

Mooooorrrreeeee craaaaaaap.

Now if this doesn’t showcase motherhood I don’t know what does. My side of the desk on the left showcasing a stunning random pink drawing board of Charlotte’s and play ice cream from Josiah.

Making my workspace utterly useless without rearranging.

Jordan’s side of the desk on the other hand (right) – completely pristine. Not a single thing obscuring his view or anything in his way of getting right to work. Cooooool. Cool cool.

The Playroom

rattan daybed from World Market in playroom with small trampoline behind it

This is where I talk to you about how the angle is everything.

From this view, it really doesn’t look that bad for 2 kids who play in here.

But when I scoot my camera around to show this angle, YIKES.

Ikea billy built ins with rattan baskets on the shelves

Stuff everywhere. Baskets that I spent so long organizing and creating these super cute DIY acrylic toy basket labels for just shot all to hell. I’m not mad really because at least they’re using it which is the point.

I knew when we did this playroom makeover a few months back that it would look like this very shortly after I snapped the last reveal photo. And I was right.

The Upstairs Primary Bathroom

Ah, yes. The room that still remains quite literally untouched after almost 5 years of living here. We have plans, but it’s just not a priority at all. It’s functional and usable, just ugly! I mean truly, truly ugly.

The Upstairs Primary Bedroom

Still unfinished but truly not bad in here either. Kinda.

We plan to do a refresh of this room as soon as we get all the trim out of this room.

What trim, you ask?

Studio mcGee wood chair with white cushions in the corner of a room

This trim. It’s the remaining trim pieces for the rest of our house – doors and window casings. It’s everything we need to finish the craftsman style trim in here, but we have to finish the rooms first. I am le tired.

vintage cane headboard and TV on stand

In a couple years, this headboard will be in the girls’ shared room, but for now, of course we stick it in our catch all room.

2 white farmhouse sinks and stack of stuff in the dormer of a bedroom

Rounding out this tour is what I call “flipping-houses-and-finding-good-deals-you-can’t-pass-up-so-you-buy-all-the-crap-and-then-just-stick-it-in-a-corner-of-a-bedroom”. Stunning work of art, really.

That’s not one but two white farmhouse sinks because why wouldn’t it be?

There ya have it. So don’t believe everything you see online. It’s all fake.

Unless you see stuff like this. This is real.

Very, very real.

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