Feet Up Friday – August 2019

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Holy crapola, what a month August has been! Sheesh.

In case you’re new around these parts, once a month (typically) I try to post some life updates so that you can get to know the real hot mess behind this keyboard. I also try to do that more consistently on the Instagramz as well.

The month started off awesome celebrating Josiah’s first birthday. If you missed it, you can find out what kind of theme we did here and see how it all came together here!

However, as it turns out the headache that just wouldn’t go away turned out to be meningitis and I was suck in the hospital for 4 days s tarting the night of his party.

Day 2 of hospital stay for me, Char got a super high fever and was throwing up and normally I don’t freak about a high temp and vom, but considering what I was in for, we decided to bring her on in.

She perked up though and came to say hey to me in my room before she went home the next morning. Yes. Yes those are Christmas jammies in August. Life is short to wear them only one month a year, people.

When I got home, she was still super sick for a couple days and we had to nurse her back to her old self, but she bounced back thank goodness. Nothing a couple rounds of “funny faces” and some donuts won’t fix.


This dude. More on him later…

We soaked up the last few weeks of summer at the park since Char doesn’t go back until September.

So, as I was saying about him. Of course, we can’t leave him off the list for hospital visits right? While it didn’t make him end up in the hospital, he came down with chicken pox about a week and a half after mine and Char’s joint family fun hospital stays.

Hmm, yes v interesting. Y’all know the boy loves to eat right?

Well, did you also know he loves to eat things that he shouldn’t? LIKE ALL OF THE CHERRIES FROM HIS SISTER’S HI HO CHERRY O GAME?! All of them, y’all. At least 30.

Here’s how this went down.

I was in the kitchen to get something for Charlotte. I mean, I couldn’t have been gone more than 45 seconds, you guys.

I come back and find an open board game box thrown about, completely void of cherries, and a suspicious fella just toddling around like nothing happened.

I looked all around. Maybe he stuck him down the air vent. He figured out how to remove the cover a couple weeks ago.

I would have heard that.

Maybe he stuck them in the hole where our banister should be for our stairs.

I would have seen that.

He ate them all. I knew it. He did it.

I was not freaking out, but did call Jordan just to let him know what was up since I was supposed to be leaving to go out of town.

We were a little afraid the stems on the cherries might perforate his bowels…

So, hospital here we came.

Belly full of plastic cherries and ain’t a thing we can do about it. So, the last 2 days have consisted of me celebrating seeing more “chocolate covered” cherries in his diaper if ya know what I’m getting at. So far, 10 have resurfaced. Stay tuned on Instagram to find out more.

Upcoming Projects

Want a hint?

Holy crap. J got wild and decided to knock down a wall….while we had a chicken pox riddled one year old and family in town staying with us. Yea, no big deal. Turns out, we need a structural engineer to tell us which walls are actually safe to come down at this juncture. Cool. Neato gang. Excellent. Marvelous.

We also scored some GORGEOUSSSSS hardwood floors for 33 CENTS a square foot and will be putting those in soon. Stay tuned to that because the story behind them is SO LIT. Literally.

Okay, I’m done I think. Man, if you wanna send us money to pay for all these freaking hospital bills, hit ya girl up and I’ll be delighted to tell you where to send it.

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