First Birthday Series: Biggie Smalls First Birthday

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Celebrate one of the greatest rappers of all time. Use these party ideas as inspiration for throwing your own Biggie Smalls birthday and you can check out how we celebrated our little smalls getting Biggie

simple white smash cake

Gettin’ biggie with it. There, I had to say it or my head was going to explode.

Truthfully, this post was slated to come out way earlier, but as it turns out, what I thought was a migraine actually ended up being meningitis which is NUTS.

I was in the ER the night before his party but I didn’t know what it was and then ended up going back to the ER the night of his party where they admitted me for several days.

I’m still kind of recovering over here and feel super sluggish but I can’t hold these photos to myself much longer.

face on 100 bill

There’s not much to say here except it’s insanely hard to believe that this time last year, we were in limbo knowing that there was a boy that had been born but not knowing whether or not he was ours.

Now here we are celebrating a 1st birthday party! On the east coast, thought but I hope it still counts. Love you west coast!

In my heart, I already loved him and knew he was, but it was still so emotional and rough. I talked all about it when I wrote about his adoption story, so go ahead and read that if you haven’t yet.

Related: To see the shopping list where we got all the decorations, check out this post or you can check out the invitations that started this whole party (literally) here!

biggie smalls themed party

Charlotte does this thing where she calls him all kinds of random nicknames and it’s hilarious. One day, she called him “big tiny” and nothing was more funny or more accurate. He was tiny like a baby but also so chubby.

It stuck and thus began our journey to his Biggie Smalls birthday theme. So, without further adieu:

Our Biggie Smalls Themed First Birthday Party

Let’s start with some food. I created some printables using the same font I did when I made them for his nursery

biggie smalls themed food
biggie smalls themed food
biggie smalls themed party food
t-bone steak cheese eggs and welch's grape
we sip champagne cuz we thirstay
90s party theme food

Sticking with the theme we tried to have food according to Notorious BIG lyrics but I did use some creative liberty too. Here’s the name of the printables with what food we had if you’re curious:

  • Bone Nugs and Harmony (popcorn chicken)
  • 5 Karat Gold (carrot sticks and ranch because in the south ranch is also called white gold)
  • Where my dogs at? (hot dogs)
  • T-bone steak, cheese eggs, and Welch’s grape (Welch’s grape juice)
  • We sip champagne cuz we thirstay (sparkling Welch’s grape juice)
black girl with glasses holding mixed baby boy
baby boy in gold chain and gold crown
biggie smalls theme birthday
brunette holding baby boy with gold chain

He didn’t nap that morning so he was a bit whiny and clingy to some of his favorite people in the beginning.

mom dad and brother and sister at biggie smalls themed birthday party
biggie smalls shirt
big poppa shirt word to your mother shirt

We have a cousin that works at a printing shop and she was able to make us all these shirts. They were perfect and exactly what I had in mind and all I told her was what I wanted them to say.

biggie smalls theme party
1st birthday boy theme ideas
boy with no shirt and gold crown and chain eating birthday cake 1st birthday white smash cake
little boy with no shirt smiling and gold chain eating white smash cake 1st birthday

Of course once we had that cake and that 400 grams of sugar, things started looking up for the man of the hour.

party favors for biggie smalls themed party
little boy wearing black smalls tshirt on it with a gold crown
little boy with no shirt and white shorts at birthday

After opening some presents, we considered this party a success. Honestly, it was a big blur for me because my head was hurting so bad and I was doing what I could to power through.

Shout out to my lifelong BFF who drove up to help and I didn’t even get a picture of her (*face palm*) but she really was the one who made this thing a reality for us!

So, what do you think? Did we nail it? Did we miss anything? Are we doing hip hop justice?

If you’re planning a Biggie Smalls first birthday theme (or a Biggie Smalls party at all) any time soon, don’t forget to pin this below!

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  1. Hi I’m doing this theme for my sons first birthday also I thought it was the best idea ever. Where did you get the big back drop of biggie smalls? I didn’t see it in the decorations list.

    1. Hi! I’m so glad you loved it! I honestly got the photo printed on an engineer size print at Staples! Hope that’s helpful πŸ™‚

  2. Hey love the theme!! Wondering where you got the chain/necklace!! I want one for my little man so bad!!

    1. It all came from Amazon! I have a separate post where I linked all of our sources for the party! πŸ™‚

    1. I so wish I did. I whipped them up in Photoshop. I honestly need to learn how to make a template and make them sharable! Maybe that can be a next project for me πŸ˜‰ For the gift bags, I used chocolate gold coins!

  3. Hi. We are also planning a biggie smalls bday party for kur adopted son. The theme is our smalls is getting biggie, baby baby. He was 5lbs when we brought him home. What did you use for the party favors/grab bags? We will have about 10 kiddos at the party. I’m stuck with what fits the theme.

  4. This was awesome, thanks for sharing. I might of missed it but did you mention where you made the personalized money bills?

    1. I may not have mentioned it – I honestly can’t remember! I may have whipped them up in Photoshop.

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