Thrifted Match Holder From Candle Jar

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This easy DIY match holder from a thrifted candle jar is something you can do on a super tiny budget and have a functional, modern way to store your matches in a bathroom

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Thrifted Match Holder From Candle Jar

In case you missed it, our bathroom is DONE! Like, with pictures and everything!!! You should probably go ahead and check out that full reveal. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I KNOW RIGHT?! But did you notice this little guy?

thrifted DIY matchstick holder

Yeah that thing, the one holding the matches. I made that and I’m going to show you how easy (and cheap) it was to do!

Supplies Needed:
  • Small glass jar (I got mine at Goodwill for 79 cents, y’all!)
  • Matches/Striker
  • Paint color of your choice

If you have a candle in your jar like I did, you’ll want to remove it. I’ve actually got a super easy way for you to remove candle wax from a jar. First, boil some water.

I used a water kettle here. Once it’s boiling, pour the water into the glass jar. Just trust me.

If you notice here in the picture, the wax actually starts to look kinda like a 80s lava lamp and starts floating to the top so that’s fun.

Once the water cools, you can actually just peel the wax right up out of the water.

However, if you notice, you’ll see that I still had some in there. I think this is honestly because the water wasn’t actually boiling when I poured it in, it was just really hot. So, I actually had to do this process again. And then again.

What I’m saying is definitely do as I say and not as I do and make sure your water is boiling and you can probably get this done in one step.

But hey! Would ya lookie there? Once it was all melted, I just took a knife and popped up the wick and voila! So, now next time you have a candle in its glass haven and you want to reuse it, you can use this super easy trick to remove the candle from its glass jar!

After you wash your glass jar with soap and water, now it’s time to dip it in your paint! I dipped ours in a gallon bucket of paint. The color I chose was the one we used to paint our doors with which is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. When I say I dipped it in, I literally held it at the top and dipped it down in that paint and pulled it back out. I let it dry on some wax paper.

It’s weird what I learned about matches in this project. Did you know that you can’t just use sandpaper to light a match? Did you know there’s a chemical in the striker on the side of the box that “combusts” to create the flame? Did you know that STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCHES CAN JUST LITERALLY LIGHT THEMSELVES ON FIRE FROM THE WRONG END?!? Cuz I sure as H didn’t.

I had seen a couple things on Pinterest where you could basically etch the bottom of your glass and then use that to strike the match. I thought I’d be cute and try that. Don’t be cute like me. Just cut the striker off the box and use some glue to attach it. It requires you use strike anywhere matches and I don’t know if you know this but STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCHES CAN JUST LITERALLY LIGHT THEMSELVES ON FIRE FROM THE WRONG END. So, strike-just-somewhere matches it is for me forever.

You can totally tell where I tried to etch this glass and it was a huge BONK. But once that’s done, so are you! All that’s left is to strategically place it in front if your hilarious poop sign you got to have in your bathroom and you’re all gravy, baby!

I liked this post because it’s two of my favorite things – SAVING DOLLAS by using a THRIFTED match holder from a candle jar and SOLVING PROBLEMS by show you how to remove wax from a candle jar! Saving dollas and solving problems. Maybe that’ll be the name of my next blog. Word?

How to remove candle from a glass jar and then turn that into a DIY match holder | Living Letter Home #easyDIY #thriftedDIY

And now for more thrifty goodness!

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  1. Thank you for sharing tips for getting the wax out of candle jars!! I have soo many leftover candle jars I want to use but need to get the wax out. This is such a cute way to repurpose them!!

    1. Oh gosh thank you so much for saying so!! 🙂 It’s so helpful and I definitely plan on doing it again in the future 🙂

    1. It wasn’t really what I wanted to do, but I also didn’t have too much of a choice so I don’t mind it since you can’t even see it!

  2. I had no idea boiling water would remove an old candle, that’s good to know. This came out adorable and it’s a cute way to store the matches. I like that Sherwin Williams color.

    1. It’s mainly because I had a particular shape I was looking for and I saw this and it was exactly what I had in mind, so I had to find a way to get that candle out haha

  3. This is precious, and what a good idea! I also remove wax in a similar way, glad I’m not the only one. I really think this is such a clever repurpose idea, great job!

    1. thanks a bunch! I had never tried it but was looking for a reason to so this was exactly the chance haha

    1. well so far this is the only room that has a cute place to store them. our other bathroom definitely just has the box haha

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