6 Ideas For An Organized Kitchen

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6 ideas for an organized kitchen, including things you can build and DIY yourself on a very small budget, whether your space is larger or smaller

6 Ideas For An Organized Kitchen

A little while ago, we revealed our renovated pantry closet that we spiced up as part of the $100 Room Challenge. Ha! Get it? “Spiced up”? Cuz of spices in cooking and whatnot.

Anyhoo, while doing that, I realized how hard it can be to work with a pantry/kitchen space that you’re not 100% happy with. Some are too small (ours). Some are too big – seriously if you’re complaining about a pantry that’s too big, hit me up for my address and you can come see how small ours really is.

We were able to come up with a lot of good storage solutions for ours but I also have some talented friends that are sharing how they organized and made or built things to help them organize their own kitchen and pantry spaces and I thought I’d share some of those with you all today, my beautiful fam.

Coffee Bar Styled Tray

Jacque from The DIY Village created this super cute tiered tray. If y’all know anything about me, you know I can’t style a tiered tray to save my dang life, but we are trying to create our own little coffee bar as we speak and this would be super cute in our space!

Stephanie from Abbotts At Home made this insanely genius idea and created a trash can inside the cabinet door. Brilliant! Although, I think we produce entirely too much trash for this. I’d be emptying that thing every 5 and a half minutes and probably saying not nice things under my breath as I did it.

tips for an organized kitchen

I love what Rebecca at Zucchini Sisters did with her pantry organization. And the MAIN reason I love it is because she used what she had which is like the number one budgeting tip you can find anywhere is shop your own home! She did this all for under $12 and her pantry is about twice the size of mine! HOLLA!

DIY spice rack for an organized kitchen

Okay, can we nerd out about this for a second? I’m a science nerd at heart and I love this in SO many ways! Cute, functional, sciency, and spicy! All the great things and such a unique way to store your spices, especially if you want to store them out on the counter. Which, I mean, who would store something this cute INSIDE a closed door or cabinet? Vineta did an awesome job with this one.

ideas for an organized kitchen

Cindy does a great job here at not only organizing her own pantry, but letting you in on some tips to organizing your own!

ideas for an organized kitchen

Do you have a small space and need to maximize storage in your own kitchen? Maureen from Red Cottage Chronicles shares some tips on storage ideas for small kitchens and how to store things in your kitchen in a pretty, yet functional way.

I hope some of these were helpful for you and helped give you some of your own ideas for an organized kitchen in your home!

Super helpful and budget friendly ways to organize your own kitchen | Living Letter Home #kitchenorganization #DIYorganization

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