Small Laundry Room Demo

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Week 2 for our Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge and it’s demo day for our laundry room and I’m giving a sneak peak at what this room looks like in the barest state.

My oh my. Week 2 of the Jeffrey Court Room Challenge is well underway for all the designers, including yours truly and I can’t believe it. It’s cool having a deadline until you realize you’re going to be gone for two full weeks of it for things that weren’t planned at the beginning. Oops.

Time is not on our side, but we are doing everything we can to keep on truckin’. God bless Jordan’s heart.

If you missed what we are planning for this room, don’t forget to check out our design plan here!

This small laundry room is DEMOED! Or as we say here in the south, she nekkid.

It’s really hard to do a full “walk through” of this space since it’s small and literally 4 walls and a window, but I’m going to do my best.

Good news for you is I actually get to takeover the Jeffrey Court Instagram account this week and I’ll be giving a LIVE tour over there so you can see what it really looks like in real life!

Small Laundry Room Demo

People don’t believe me when I tell them we have 11 different types of flooring in this house. E L E V E N. They also don’t believe me when I tell them that the rooms that have linoleum have THREE LAYERS of linoleum. Look closely at this picture above.

The top layer is the big squares. The middle layer is the smaller squares and the bottom layer in the middle? ANOTHER LAYER of the middle layer. WHO DOES THIS?! Who hurt you, laundry room? Who hurt you?

This stuff was an absolute BEAST to get out. It came out like toothpicks, splintering off in teeny tiny pieces. It was a nightmare. Again, sorry Jordan. My jobs around here consist of keeping tiny children occupied whilst work is happening.

That usually involves food (real food, not 32 plastic cherries) or allowing the tiny tornado to do all of the things you see in this photo.

While we were at it, since we are planning to plumb for a new sink and run some electrical for some sconces, we went ahead and took the bottom layer of sheetrock out. Since we are going to be tiling this wall, we don’t have to worry about mudding and taping perfectly thank goodness. That was my job in our guest bathroom and I said NEVER AGAIN. It was brutal and I finally ended up calling a professional to help me finish.

The hole in the floor is our current vent but we are hoping to move this so that it will allow our dryer to slide back further. Y’all know I hate wasted space.

On the opposite wall there isn’t much except this giant freaking eyesore. I’m already scheming on Pinterest trying to do something. I’ve seen the whole cover it with art, but I’m trying my best to be super creative here. I mean let’s be real – this is a CONTEST that I’m tryna WIN! I can’t be Joanna Blowanna over here. So, if any of ya’ll wanna slide in my DMs or leave me a comment on how I can creatively cover this, hit your girl up!!

That’s all we got for you this week, but stay tuned so you can see more progress!

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